Sisters, for the love of God — tell us where the Bessborough babies are

It was a miserable day on Sunday in Cork. Rain teemed from a dark and unpleasant sky, the grass underneath turned to mud, there was no respite from the cold.


Child’s burial details not in report

The burial of a young girl in a paupers grave in a Cork city cemetery in 1989 is not cited among just 64 burials found for the Bessborough Mother and Baby Home in a recent report.


Religious order agrees to reinstate Bessborough folly in full

A religious order which sanctioned the near total demolition of an historic structure in Cork has agreed to reinstate it in full within four months of the rebuilding work starting.


Bessborough report referred to gardaí

The report on burials practices in mother and baby homes is to be referred to An Garda Síochána to see if any of the issues raised warrant criminal investigation.


Bessborough nuns should be questioned by gardaí, former resident urges

Limerick woman, Ann O'Gorman, who had a little girl called Evelyn at Bessborough when she was just 17 years old, says that gardaí need to intervene in order to question members of the religious order who are still alive.


Nuns told to reinstate folly at Bessborough

A religious Order has been told to prepare plans for the full reinstatement of an historic folly on the grounds of the former Bessborough Mother and Baby Home in Cork following its near-total demolition earlier this month.


Near demolition of Bessborough folly stopped by Cork City Council

Controversial works which have resulted in the near total demolition of the historic ‘folly’ near a burial plot at the site the former Bessborough Mother and Baby Home have stopped.