What is your county’s hidden gem? (Week 3 - Limerick)

We’re on a mission to discover Ireland’s hidden gems and we need your help.

In advance of the summer sun (we hope) the irishexaminer.com team is running a new initiative asking you, our readers and social media fans, to share the wisdom and reveal what YOU think is YOUR county's hidden gem and something that any visitor should try and include on a visit. 

This time we're moving on to Limerick and really want to know the hidden gem that resonates most with you in The Treaty City and beyond. 

It might be a romantic walk in a special place, a pint in a hidden gem, a playground or park that you love, a food specific to an area or a plain old fish and chips by the sea! 

Whatever it is (within reason!) we want to hear about it. 

All you need to do is share your favourite thing to do by posting your comment below, sending us a personal message on our Facebook page (remember to begin the message #IEBestOf) or tweet us @irishexaminer using the hashtag #IEBestOF

Make a note in your diary to get your suggestions into us before Saturday May 16 as on that day you will get to see if your suggestion for a "must do" on any visit to Limerick made the cut. 

Already you've told us about the hidden gems in Dublin and Galway and in the coming weeks we will be moving on to Cork so get thinking and sharing!

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