100 Irish Trails: Explore Ireland's best cycling trails with the third in our series

We've teamed up with Sport Ireland to present a three-part series showcasing 100 walking and cycling trails across the country that you can enjoy this summer
100 Irish Trails: Explore Ireland's best cycling trails with the third in our series

Take to the (off) road with our best cycling trails. 

In the third volume of our 100 Irish trails series, we are focusing on cycling. Cycling is more accessible than it has ever been, with more and more of us taking to the trails on two wheels either as a family or with friends. In our cycling booklet, you'll find the best off-road trails to explore this summer, graded by ability and accessibility. 

Some people haven’t sat on a bike since their childhood, but that doesn’t mean that cycling isn’t for them. If you are starting out on your biking journey, choose trails that we have graded 'Easy'. 

You can check the definitions of the grades on page two. Try and match the length and grade to your fitness level and cycling ability before you decide which trails to try. 

Click here to see Ireland's best cycle trails

The majority of the trails in our booklet are shared-use off-road trail, suitable for cyclists of all abilities. They can be used by walkers and wheelchair users too in most cases (some have a compacted gravel surface). 

For those of you who still want to walk – all of the routes can be used by either cyclists or walkers apart from the Greenwood mountain bike-specific track in Ballyhoura which only allows cycling. 

If you are on a bike always let people know if you are approaching and passing from behind. We recommend you don’t bring a dog when cycling as it can be a challenge for all. On a trail shared by cyclists and walkers, it is important to keep your dog close to you on a short lead to avoid a passing bike getting caught in the lead.

If you want to explore more of Ireland's best trails, check out our walking booklets, book one and book two

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