Stuck inside until April? Nine ways to bring the world home on a Friday night

Airbnb Experiences allow you to take in tours, concerts, games, cookery and more from the comfort of your bubble
Stuck inside until April? Nine ways to bring the world home on a Friday night

See Venice from the water with Luca

So, we're stuck inside for the foreseeable future. 

While the last year has been a long process of adaptation to a new way of doing things, we've missed out on a lot of real-world experience, like travel, food and live events.

Accommodation rental platform Airbnb has also seen the changes and is offering a platform for streaming and online experiences for those that are craving a bit more of the world beyond their 5k. 

Here's a look at nine evenings you can spend with your bubble, or with your buddies remotely.


Torii gates at the Fushimi Inari shrine.

Torii gates at the Fushimi Inari shrine.

Explore a mountain shrine in Japan 

Tour guide Lee takes you into the forest at Fushimi Inari, in Kyoto, Japan, famed for its thousand torii gates. Going past the tourist attraction and into the shrines to various gods, we get a look at Shinto Buddhist rituals, mindfulness meditation, and forest bathing, as well as partaking in quizzes and activities.

From €16 per person 

Experience the buzzing graffiti scene in Athens  

The Greek capital's vibrant cultural scene has long been a staple of life in the city, and this walk brings you through six different neighbourhoods, exploring them through their graffiti and street art. A relevant and necessary look at the Greek capital, away from the well-trodden tourist path.

From €6 per person

Take in the canals of Venice 

Direct from his home in the city's grand canal comes Luca, a native Venetian who brings tales of Venice to life, using nearby locations and props like carnival masks to get viewers engaged. From opulent palaces and gondolas along the water to prisons and stories of ancient trade, this is a look at history in a unique setting.

From €16 per person


Shark Warrior Lesley, in her element.

Shark Warrior Lesley, in her element.

Swim with sharks in South Africa 

'Shark Warrior' Lesley takes you into her 20-year career in shark conservation, research, campaigning and education, detailing her experiences in satellite-tagging and freeing captive sharks with a mix of storytelling, quizzes, drawing and conversation. Comes with a free copy of her book on sharks. 

From €16 per person 

See the work of an American animal sanctuary 

The Riley Farm Rescue, in Canterbury in the United States, is home to an eclectic crew of rescue animals, given a new lease on life in a sprawling, cruelty-free farmyard environment. You can meet the sheep, cows, pigs and other cuddly créaturs, and chat with the rescue's staff about their important work.

From €16 per person 


Make tacos with a professional Mexican chef.

Make tacos with a professional Mexican chef.

Make street tacos with a Mexican chef 

Chef Graciela takes you on a step-by-step journey into authentic Mexican food culture with this live-streaming cookery class. As well as a classic taco recipe, you'll get a look at making red salsa, taco filling, and flour tortillas, with vegan-friendly recipes also available.

From €16 per person

Spice up your wines and take in a history lesson 

Tour guide Raffele, based in Naples, has the ingredients list and a wealth of historical knowledge on Ancient Rome. All you have to do is bring the plonk and a few select spices, and he'll talk you through the history and archaeology of your vino, as he helps you prepare four variations on a time-tested tipple.

From €15 per person, plus ingredients 


Take a guided meditation with a live cello player.

Take a guided meditation with a live cello player.

Investigate a theft at the Louvre 

Carine's virtual exploration of the Louvre Museum in Paris takes you into a game of mystery as you and your group get to the bottom of a theft of valuable art at the landmark facility. Quizzes and activities test your art-history knowledge and introduce you to eight of the legendary works within its walls.

From €8 per person 

Enjoy a guided meditation with a live cello player 

Amsterdam-based cellist The Wong Janice draws on her musical skill to conjure sweeping soundscapes over the course of a guided meditation. Starting with a cup of tea and some deep breathing exercises, Wong's live performances take in reflections on a range of emotions - perfect for some perspective.

From €18 per person

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