Tonight's TV tips

Louis Theroux spends time in the twilight world of Los Angeles' paroled sex offenders, who live under force of tough regulations on BBC2 at 9pm tonight.

Tonight's TV tips

DOCUMENTARY: Secret History: Return of the Black Death (Channel 4, 8pm – 9pm)

When the Black Death hit London in 1348, the city had never known devastation like it.

It was an entirely new disease, which swept through the city like wildfire, killing old and young, rich and poor, righteous and wicked alike – all within days of their first symptoms beginning to show.

At the time, little was known about the epidemic, but these days we understand much more: that it was the bubonic plague, which was spread by the fleas of infected rats. But was there actually more to it than meets the eye?

If so, then the 25 skeletons uncovered during the construction of Crossrail, Europe’s largest engineering project, could well yield some fascinating answers to the head-scratching mystery.

This Secret History documentary follows experts from a range of disciplines as they pick through the evidence, reveal why the disease killed on such a large scale, and discuss whether it still poses a threat today.

DOCUMENTARY: The Park (TV3, 8pm – 9pm)

Filmed over a two-year period, this epic four-part series opens up the world of wonder that resides within Ireland’s oldest National Park in Killarney - a living archive of some of our most precious scenery, plants and wildlife.

Viewers will get an unprecedented insight into one of the last wild places in Ireland.

The Park captures rare action footage of wildlife - on land, in the air, under water - focusing in particular on endangered species that have found a haven within the park. This is set to be a truly stunning television experience for the viewer.


This final episode of the series shows the renewal of life and hope for the future as Killarney wakes from the cold winter and new life sweeps through the Park.

Witness the almost invisible changes, through to the most energectic transitions; spawning begins in the frog ponds, buds swell through the valleys and a magnificent pair of white tailed eagles attempt to breed in the Park again.

DOCUMENTARY: Louis Theroux’s LA Stories (BBC2, 9pm – 10pm)

It may not have convinced many people to book a holiday to California this summer, but Louis Theroux’s three-part series has taken an intriguing look at some of the less glamorous aspects of life in LA.

And now he’s concluding his stay in the City of Angels with a look at arguably the most difficult topic of all – sex offenders.

The State of California has some of America’s toughest regulations controlling sex offenders – once they get out of prison, they can spend years on parole, and their entire lives on an online register, and there are strict rules governing where they can live and who they can see.

As he finds out more about the challenges facing the convicted offenders – many are forced into homelessness – the broadcaster asks whether these tough measures are necessary to keep society safer, or if some people deserve a chance to turn their lives around.

REALITY: Dragons' Den (RTE One, 9.30pm – 10.35pm)

As we enter our third week of Dragons Dens, sponsored by Bank Of Ireland, the stakes are higher than ever, with a new batch of hopefuls trying to part the Dragons from their cash.

Dubliner Brendan O’Neill is based in Portland, Oregon with an exciting job at one of the world’s biggest sporting manufacturers.

But he has his own big plans for a customised clothing business and wants to hook a Dragon to help him on his journey.

Inventor Barry Sheehan thinks he has a device that provides a money saving solution to an everyday problem.

But can he convince the Dragons that his Blade Saver is an invention with real staying power?

FILM: The Grey (Channel 4, 9pm – 11.20pm)

(2011) In Alaska, a team of oil workers board a flight home, but when a storm sets in, the plane loses control and crashes.

Seven workers survive and led by skilled huntsman John Ottwat (Liam Neeson), they attempt to navigate the wilderness and simply stay alive. However, their situation becomes even more bleak when a pack of wolves tracks their every move.

The A-Team director Joe Carnahan, producer Ridley Scott and star Neeson re-group for this bleak, yet memorable adventure. It’s probably nothing you haven’t seen before, but that’s not to say you should just immediately dismiss it – do so at your own risk because this is well worth a look.

Neeson gives a stand-out performance in the lead and while those behind the film have taken big risks in their decisions regarding the cinematography, most of them pay off. Most of them.

Starring: Liam Neeson, Frank Grillo, Dermot Mulroney. Rating: 79%

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