O’Dowd: I turned to comedy to spice up love life

Actor Chris O’Dowd has told how he turned to comedy to spice up his love life.

The 33-year-old Co Roscommon star has become an unlikely global heart-throb since Bridesmaids became a hit at the box office.

But the 6ft 4in actor, who is featured on the cover of next month’s Tatler Man, said Irish girls weren’t impressed by his charm when he was a teenager in his hometown of Boyle: “When I was about 13 I realised girls weren’t going to kiss me because I was a gigantic, weird-looking creature from the depths. I was 6 foot, aged 11.

“My Mum would say encouraging things to me like I hadn’t grown into my face yet.

“I realised that if I was to have any notions of romance it would have to come from a joke.

“It pretty much sowed the seed for the rest of my life. It’s how I met Dawn.”

He tied the knot with presenter and comedian Dawn O’Porter in London in an epic three-day ceremony at the end of August after meeting her while they were both working in Los Angeles.

He said he was blown away by the beauty of his English bride on the wedding day: “It was joyous and wonderful.

“Dawn was obviously looking amazing and I was looking pretty much how I’ve always looked — bearded and messy. I had a lovely suit though.

“I loved it and I’d do it all again. You always hope it will happen this way but I’ve never loved Dawn more than I did that day.”

But while the loved-up pair are setting off on their honeymoon before Christmas, he said they don’t have any immediate plans to start a family: “We’ll think about that later... It’s all work now for both of us.”

He said he is still astonished to find himself a bone fide A-lister: “Clint Eastwood asked me to have a picture taken with his daughter on her birthday. She was a big fan. It was around the time of Bridesmaids. They’d all just seen it. That was pretty weird.

“I didn’t realise it was such a phenomenon until I saw it for the first time. All my scenes were with Kristen.

“I hadn’t realised Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph were doing all this crazy stuff. It’s one of Dawn’s favourite films.”

He said he has had to readjust to being a public figure after the success of his recent film and TV projects: “People are so lovely but you do find that when you’re out you spend 40% of your time posing for photographs.

“Generally, I get recognised because people like the work so that’s not a very big problem to have.”


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