Horan: New film will show band’s cheeky side

One Direction star Niall Horan has revealed the world is going get to know the band’s cheeky side when their hotly anticipated movie hits the big screen.

The band’s film crew accompanied the Irish singer to his hometown during the week for his brother’s wedding to shoot material for their upcoming 3D movie on their extraordinary daily lives.

He said he can’t wait to see the finished product which will give a glimpse into the One Direction mania gripping the planet.

He said: “I think the fans know us to a certain extent so we want to get our personalities across a bit more with the film.

“When we’re on tour we do so much stupid stuff. We’re like ‘where’s the camera?’. This time we have one. It will be fun.”

The Mullingar star played best man at his only brother’s wedding this week, but he is the only band member without female siblings.

One Direction star Liam Payne said Horan is the most clueless about the opposite sex because he has no sisters.

He said: “Niall understands girls the least because he hadn’t got any sisters. I think it’s easier. You generally understand girls a little more if you’ve grown up around them.”

His band mate Zayn Malik agreed that his Irish bandmate is at a loss when it comes to being on a girl’s wavelength.

He said in an interview with Top of the Pops magazine: “We all have sisters except for Niall, so I think we all understand girls pretty well, but probably me and Louis the most.”

While he may not have any sisters, the teenager gained a sister-in-law this week and also learned he was going to be an uncle for the first time when newlywed Denise Horan gives birth in July.

Meanwhile, their mentor Simon Cowell told Top of the Pops he loves the mischievous side to the biggest boy band on the planet.

He said: “I like that they are all slightly badly behaved. I can’t bear these groups where you have an overbearing manager who tells them what to wear and what to say.”

He said they have made him laugh ever since he first put them together on the X Factor. He said: “I had a really good relationship with them. They used to hang out with me in my dressing room. We would talk and they would make me laugh.

“They don’t fight like most boy bands do. They seem to have a genuine friendship. They go a bit crazy but I would if I was in a band at their age.

In an insight into their daily lives, their stylist Caroline Watson told Top of the Pops how the band only wear shoes for a day and pinpoints Louis Tomlinson and Horan as the messiest.


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