Fiann’s tips for the weekend

* We are getting close to the last flush of warmth and of day length suitable for ripening outdoor tomatoes. So why not try a homemade reflector – a strip of tin foil stuck to some thin ply to reflect some extra light their way.

* Spring cabbages and overwintering, Asian greens can be planted out in their final positions. If you are trying mizuna, mibuna, and komatsuna for the first time outdoors, then think of a making a garden fleece or net curtain cloche to cover when the temperatures eventually drop. They are fast growing and you can have them harvested and sandwiched or stir-fried long before chill damage.

* This is the perfect weekend to get your overwintering onion sets in — from experience don’t be tempted to purchase those large bulbs, the fact is that the smaller and more medium-sized sets are less likely to bolt come spring.

* I personally like dandelion and burdock beverages and I don’t mind at all the taste of dandelion and chicory root coffee. If you fancy the experiment, now is the best time to get those juicy roots up and dried or brewed. This is weeding with a return. There are enough unrewarded chores.


As we wait, eager and giddy, a collective shudder of agitated ardor ripples through the theatre, like a Late, Late Toyshow audience when they KNOW Ryan’s going to give them another €150 voucher. Suddenly, a voice booms from the stage. Everyone erupts, whooping and cheering. And that was just for the safety announcement.Everyman's outstanding Jack and the Beanstalk ticks all panto boxes

Every band needs a Bez. In fact, there’s a case to be made that every workplace in the country could do with the Happy Mondays’ vibes man. Somebody to jump up with a pair of maracas and shake up the energy when things begin to flag.Happy Mondays create cheery Tuesday in Cork gig

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