Fiann’s tips for the weekend

* It’s the perfect time for a weed blitz, let them rot a few weeks in a bucket as you would comfrey to extract all the minerals they have accumulated from your soil and so produce a great trace element liquid feed for autumn fruiting plants

* Plant comfrey, chamomile, chives or ramsons and other herbs that make garden fertilizers and pest remedies.

* If you have edible dahlias, Jerusalem artichokes and other perennial veg, now is time to lift and store (tenders) or lift and divide (hardies) to extend your crops again next year.

* Plum trees can be pruned if you’ve finished harvesting.

* Sow green manure into any empty beds .

* You can sow Mustard as a great green manure into bare patch once fully harvested - its root scent confounds the potato eel worm and other nematodes by tricking them into breeding at the wrong time.


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