Fiann’s tips for the weekend

* Tidy up the summer-fruiting strawberries with a foliage haircut.

* Final month of blanching celery

* Ripening problems can be an issue with exterior tomatoes (cut back to a few trusses if necessary).

* Be alert to blossom end rot with interior cultivation (keep watering to supply calcium and structural integrity).

* Potato scabs can be prevalent this month. Treat with safe fungal soil drench.

* Dry soil in late August and September can promote plant stress, inhibited growth and plant disease, take note if you have problems on harvested crops and amend next year’s planned location (crop rotation) with plenty of organic material (moisture retentive)

* Scabs can move to beetroots, turnips, swedes, radishes, etc so liming the soil will help after you have lifted the crop


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