Today's Horoscope
Saturday 27 April 2019
By's Rick Levine

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Impulsive disclosures stir emotional discomfort today, but exercising too much caution creates an entirely different set of problems. Our actions may not be consistent with our intentions as contentious Mars conflicts with unpredictable Uranus and unrealistic Neptune. However, the friendly Aquarius Moon’s easy interactions with Mercury and Mars make our words convincing. It’s wiser to risk complications to bring something important out into the open.

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(Mar 21 - Apr 20)

An intuitive hunch that you just can’t shake could be trying to help you plot the best course now. The truth is it’s possible to develop a blind spot toward anything that stings your ego. However, your subconscious knows that just because personal healing might require swallowing a bit of your pride, it’s still worth pursuing. What’s done today impacts tomorrow’s potential. Listening to your inner voice roots your future growth.

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(Apr 21 - May 21)

Your educational background or professional experience gives you special insight into a problem a friend, neighbor, or civic group is struggling with today. Since you understand the full scope of the logistics involved in tackling such a situation, you have plenty of useful advice and instruction to impart. Your principled commitment to helping others whenever you can pushes you forward if you experience any momentary hesitation to intervene. Doing the right thing is always the right choice.

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(May 22 - Jun 22)

All your eggs do not belong in one basket today. Your mind might be swimming with big ideas about fate and destiny, perhaps influenced by a book recently read or film lately seen. A lot of unexpected things happen in the spaces where fantasy and reality overlap. Your confidence can remain steady if there are multiple prospects or resources available when surprises pop up. Considering all your options enables you to respond in the most effective manner. Resiliency is your super power if you choose faith over fear.

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(Jun23 - Jul 23)

All that glitters is not gold. A sales pitch that emphasizes potential gains but omits mention of how the benefits are attained could be false advertising. If you ask enough questions, illusion drops away, and what remains may not look tantalizing at all. Doing your due diligence prevents pangs of remorse or regret. Take a fact-based approach to any decision-making that involves an investment of your time, sweat, or money. Truth withstands tough inspection.

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(Jul 24 - Aug 23)

You might be surprised by the results if you do an accounting of your hopes and dreams. Some that were never right for you or that you’ve outgrown have been dropped by the wayside, which is just as it should be. The aspirations now driving you forward are tempered by rich life experience and by your ongoing journey of self-discovery. Your ambitions change and grow, just like the rest of you. It’s good to occasionally check in on them for an update. The future is a work in progress. Evolve into a better you.

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(Aug 24 - Sep 23)

Someone who knows you well may be giving you exceptional encouragement or spot-on advice, but you must be open to receiving it. Let their words be a springboard for exploring your own talents. Any step that you take in the direction of fortifying confidence and reinforcing positive self-esteem is healthy. You can be modest while simultaneously believing in yourself to the max. When wise words fully sink in, you will experience their energizing effect. Be inspired and reach for the stars.

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(Sep 24 - Oct 23)

Your passion for learning is instrumental to your growth now. You can listen to the best teachers or read all the books written by experts, but still might feel uncertain about what you know. However, hands-on productivity offers results that aren’t theoretical or a topic for debate. They are what they are, and this kind of no-nonsense approach has the biggest appeal to you today. You welcome the tests that only experience provides. The proof is in the pudding, and you’re eager to get into the kitchen and start cooking. Hard work is an essential ingredient of success.

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(Oct 24 - Nov 22)

The spirit of unity is strong when everyone is on equal footing, with nobody claiming top-dog status and no one being left behind. However, there could be more than the Three Musketeers involved today, but the motto that still resonates for you and your cohorts is, “One for all and all for one.” It’s a team effort that generates forward motion and takes a plan from the what-if stage to actual manifestation. It’s exhilarating to be part of a troupe’s process of creating something awesome. Savor every minute of this shared journey and do your part to make it an unforgettable event.

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(Nov 23 - Dec 21)

You know the ropes so well that you feel like you could climb them with your eyes closed. It can be tempting to operate as if you’re on automatic pilot today, especially if you are at work or performing a familiar chore. However, you might get more from your experience if you throw your full personality into everything you do. Blast your favorite tunes. Chat with those around you and laugh easily. Dance while you’re walking or do whatever little pleasures your circumstances allow. Make others smile and fill your life with joy.

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(Dec 22 - Jan 20)

You can gain significant insight by testing the waters regarding the money-making potential of your latest idea. There are several ways to bring your goods, services, or crafts before the public with relatively little commitment or expense. A stellar reputation is built one transaction at a time. Measuring the initial response received helps shape your thinking about your future trajectory. Sort through the many intriguing ideas on your mind because at least one of them has the hallmarks of a winner. Remember, you always have a choice when it comes to fulfilling your destiny.

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(Jan 21 - Feb 19)

You’re driven by the urge to expand into new professional territory or broaden the scope of your community influence today. There are many benefits that go along with maintaining a high public profile. Balance your options sensibly and don’t bite off more than you can chew. You feel like you’re on the right track when you’re excited about the richness of the potential connections and the joy of your current experiences. See and be seen.

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(Feb 20 - Mar 20)

There’s a lot working in your favor when the opportunity to take an independent step forward comes your way. Your area of expertise provides a safe arena in which you can confidently stand on your own two feet. Transcend any trepidation born of nervousness, since it could vanish in the blink of an eye once you’re happily engrossed in what you’re doing. Your talent and integrity will not let you down now. You’re walking a trail that’s meant for your footsteps alone.

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