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Friday 26 April 2019
By's Rick Levine

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Everything seems lighter once the Moon enters independent Aquarius at 5:27 am EDT. Nevertheless, we’re fired up and need to blow off some energy when the Moon forms stressful aspects with pushy Mars and electric Uranus. Ironically, we are likely comfortable figuring out things as we move into new territory, rather than planning in advance. Nevertheless, we still might nostalgically long for the simplicity of the peace and quiet of earlier days.

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(Mar 21 - Apr 20)

Your impulsive behavior contributes to the happy spontaneity of a family gathering or a sociable get together. What’s done on a whim can put a smile on many faces; just make sure it doesn’t dent your bank account in a way you will regret. It’s fun to hear someone talk passionately about science, music, or any other personal interest now, especially if they are rarely so animated. Others truly appreciate you actively listening to their ideas and encouraging their dreams today. You do not have to be rich to be generous with your time.

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(Apr 21 - May 21)

You may be seeing several moves ahead of the competition today. However, there’s more at play than just your farsighted approach when your strategy is augmented by thorough research and deep study. You know the route to success backward, forward, and sideways. If you encounter any surprises along the way, adapt to the changing situation by letting go where necessary and reaching out as needed. President Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

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(May 22 - Jun 22)

A relationship is only understandable when the whole picture is considered. It can be easy to assume that everything is the same once you remove a person from the context of their upbringing, current living conditions, and job. However, reality is far more complicated and there are many moving parts to any individual’s past, present, and hopes for the future. Depth perception is required to fathom what brings two people together or what tears them apart. Use the filter of compassion to view someone from a different angle. Marcus Aurelius wrote, “Look beneath the surface; never let a thing’s intrinsic quality or worth escape you.”

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(Jun23 - Jul 23)

You are attracted to ancient wisdom because it can be valuable in the here and now. You might need to go someplace new to see something not previously seen. But when fresh knowledge is the promised pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you are eager to start your journey. A friend who arrives on the scene to indulge you today, might wind up pursuing the arcane and obscure with a passion that rivals your own. The more, the merrier when the treasure hunt is for enlightenment. All are welcome in the quest for truth.

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(Jul 24 - Aug 23)

A recent series of changes may agitate your feelings about your professional or educational path. It’s hard not to be pessimistic if those around you are wailing a constant chorus of negativity. On the other hand, you might be tempted to buy into pie-in-the-sky thinking if your companions see everything as butterflies and unicorns. Claim some time away from familiar faces and engage in private reflection now, out from under the group umbrella. Your good instincts and common sense enable you to sort things out on your own terms. Be sure not to confuse the voice of ego with that of intuition.

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(Aug 24 - Sep 23)

Conversations have an almost uncanny way of looping back to wellbeing and fitness today, no matter the direction you try to steer them. Perhaps there are some words of wisdom on those topics that you’re meant to hear in the repetitive mix. There are always more ways to squeeze healthy foods and activities into your lifestyle, and positively influence your family’s habits. Don’t ignore the proven benefits of stress reduction and sufficient rest. Dr. Sonya Friedman wrote, “The way you treat yourself sets the standards for others.”

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(Sep 24 - Oct 23)

There may be excellent reasons that your reputation for impeccable manners and peace-making precedes you. Many eyes are upon you when you make the scene at work or at a family function today. You might not be given a moment to hang your hat before you are bombarded with requests for advice and assistance. However, you can steal some time alone if you’re crafty. Although your impressive people skills and creative thinking are in high demand, establishing clear boundaries is the key to healthy relationships. Author Bob Goff wrote, “Live in grace; walk in love.”

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(Oct 24 - Nov 22)

It’s no understatement to say your concentration is so advanced that it occasionally borders on the fanatical. Blink a few times if you need to clear your vision today. You might fancy yourself to be sequestered on your custom-made island of creativity, work, or entertainment and you secretly hope there are zero interruptions. But your loved ones may see you as isolated and alone now, surrounded by a deep rut dug from obsession. The truth is even the most comfortable cocoon is made to be broken. Break out and fly. Transformation is inevitable.

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(Nov 23 - Dec 21)

A fork in the road usually presents two clear choices. The dilemma lies that in choosing one, the other must be left behind. Thankfully, this sort of finality does not apply when it comes to learning, allowing you the chance to revisit a subject at a later time. There are no limits on what’s out there to be explored. If you believe you’re at an either/or crossroad regarding your education, think again. Each subject is a realm of endless possibilities. Follow your curiosity wherever it roams.

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(Dec 22 - Jan 20)

You self-disciplined Goats are known for your practicality and reliability. Accordingly, you may be offered an elevated rank or position of honor now because of your character traits as much as your skills and expertise. Your professional ambition and personal loyalty are admirable qualities. Others have no doubt about your ability to carry the responsibility well, and deep down you know they’re right. Take pride in your dependability but keep your ego in check. Confidence is best when quiet.

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(Jan 21 - Feb 19)

Although your friendly nature is a sincere expression of your heart, you aim to carefully preserve your privacy and personal freedom, too. You may feel cramped and constrained when bogged down in too many commitments. You can be mentally overwhelmed, even if your calendar is only crowded with social events and fun activities. Room to maneuver as you wish is important to you. You like to know that you can indulge a whim whenever you want without a twinge of guilt. You are blessed with radiant, star-like qualities, so it’s only natural you need space to shine.

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(Feb 20 - Mar 20)

Launch an active search for ways to express your intuition and creativity in concrete forms. A skill at first struggled to master comes more easily to you over time, eliminating any stress factor where tension doesn’t belong. Build upon the teachings of an ancestor, predecessor, mentor, or expert and from that platform of knowledge you can develop a style uniquely your own. Your psychic world is perfectly in tune when you’re joyfully absorbed in doing something that you love. Vincent van Gogh wrote, “I’d rather die of passion than of boredom.”

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