Today's Horoscope
Friday 14 June 2019
By's Rick Levine

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We’re processing an enormous amount of information, but we might not realize how overwhelmed we are now. Action-packed Mars is softened by a sweet trine with nebulous Neptune, confusing us with positive feelings, even if reality doesn’t support our fantasies. Mars also runs into an opposition with taskmaster Saturn, requiring us to deal with the truth, however inconvenient. Paradoxically, the emotional Scorpio Moon adds stability into the equation.

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(Mar 21 - Apr 20)

You might feel a need to defend your turf against another’s authority, but you’re likely fighting a battle on the wrong front. Perhaps you’re unwilling to acknowledge when you cede a measure of your power to another. Your frustration is less about anyone else’s actions than your own failure to get desired results. Taking responsibility for your lack of follow through is more important than proclaiming your accomplishments. Swallowing your pride and being honest about your feelings alleviates the tension between you and others. Author G.K. Chesterton wrote, “Humility is the mother of giants.”

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(Apr 21 - May 21)

Raising the volume of your voice isn’t an effective means for making your audience listen to your message. In fact, a shouting match only agitates everyone’s nerves. Perhaps someone refuses to heed reason on an issue, or they sense you are unwilling to budge. It’s irrelevant who is right if you’re not stopping to hear each other out today. As you cool off and calm down, be mindful that progress rarely happens as fast as you want, and no rule or structure is meant to last forever. Practicing mutual respect paves the path to a peaceful middle ground.

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(May 22 - Jun 22)

There’s no need to press the panic button over a financial snag that pops up today. Thankfully, a little brainpower on your part can resolve any miscalculations. This fiscal glitch may motivate you to reevaluate your current spending habits. Saturn sits solemnly in your 8th House of Other People’s Money, triggering your awareness of all that’s missing in your material world. Your natural impulse might be to obtain what you want as quickly as you can, even if it short circuits your budget. However, the simplest solution is controlled patience. Common sense is your saving grace.

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(Jun23 - Jul 23)

You may be bounding with energy and drive today. You can achieve your goals if you stay focused and disciplined, particularly if there is a demanding task in front of you now. The tough opposition between warrior Mars and sure-footed Saturn suggests that you’re primed for a victory that comes from perseverance and endurance. But if you can’t locate a project worthy of digging in deep to give your all, you could step into petty squabbles over trivial matters, instead. Pick a direction and stay in your lane. The universe can’t help you unless you show up to do the work.

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(Jul 24 - Aug 23)

Unexpected adjustments to your routine or workflow can rattle your cage today. However, be careful not to let your resistance sabotage anyone else’s efforts, especially if you’re part of a team. Avoid dragging your feet or becoming outright obstinate about these constructive changes. The blame game only makes things worse because you could appear as an irrational curmudgeon jamming up progress. Openly state your concerns about the recent alterations for the sake of clarity. But others will only listen if you give the proposal a fair chance. An attitude of cooperation enhances productivity and encourages peace.

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(Aug 24 - Sep 23)

You can be the main obstacle toward gaining the support you need today. A relatively new associate or friend might prove useful to your cause after you ask for help. Perhaps the hardest part might be reaching out to the person, especially if you’re unsure whether you can trust them with your secrets. In other words, you’re wondering if you can take a calculated risk now. Fortunately, an imaginative Mars-Neptune trine bodes well for sharing your dreams. Your vulnerability unlocks the door to your growth.

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(Sep 24 - Oct 23)

Paradoxically, your courteous and accommodating behavior might be falsely perceived as demanding by a colleague. But you don’t need to be defensive today, and taking off the kid gloves isn’t the answer. It’s as if you’re standing at a fork in the road with this person, and you first must decide if the connection is strong enough to handle the truth. If so, hold your ground. Switching your focus from fulfilling your needs to listening to the wishes of others can prove enlightening and lead to unexpected progress. Author Stephen Covey wrote, “Seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

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(Oct 24 - Nov 22)

Although searching relentlessly to uncover pertinent information is time-consuming, it will likely prove well worth your diligent effort. Just be careful you don’t sink into impatience or frosty frustration from your exertion. Someone might stonewall you or be reluctant to part with their expertise, but their hesitation is only because they want to test your trustworthiness. Your smartest strategy is to stay flexible and try various approaches to see what sticks. A double dose of courtesy and consistency works wonders.

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(Nov 23 - Dec 21)

A combination of careful planning and self-discipline enables you to stretch pinched resources today. However, remaining committed to your goals isn’t conducive to enjoying the lifestyle of a social butterfly. Nevertheless, you’re in good spirits as you match grit with your genius for improvisation. Thankfully, this current strain won’t likely last long. Sometimes, a little stress is just a brief reminder that life’s daily journeys are the best way to keep your adventurous muscles toned. Wisdom outweighs wealth.

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(Dec 22 - Jan 20)

Your fear that you’re on the losing end of a deal could become a self-fulfilling prophecy if you’re not mindful of your words. Others appear to be better positioned for success now, prompting you to take a defensive stance. Hang back and evaluate whether your assumption is true. However, if you discover that you must assert yourself to be fairly treated, then do so as coolly and carefully as possible. Ultimately, you must look out for yourself, so be flexible when other people are merely doing the same. Your beliefs pack more power than you think.

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(Jan 21 - Feb 19)

There’s plenty of wind at your back now, but you still need perseverance to reach your destination. Nevertheless, technicalities might trip you up or put you in a foul mood at work if you let them. You can become confused by a snag in your plans and make more out of your uncertainty than is necessary. However, there is no time to waste doubting your progress, the merit of your goals, or your worthiness. Focusing on the positive makes lighter work of any snafus and snares. Amelia Earhart said, “The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity.”

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(Feb 20 - Mar 20)

You could experience a character-defining moment when encountering an obstacle or opponent today. Plan on tackling your high priority or most difficult tasks early when you possess enough energy and confidence to face them. However, resist the impulse to feed your anxiety or anger when your back is against the wall. No matter what happens, remain resolute in the pursuit of your dreams. Author Zig Ziglar said, “When obstacles arise, you change your direction to reach your goal; you do not change your decision to get there.”

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