Wishlist: Sunny treats

It’s officially summer, people —and Esther N McCarthy has some sunny treats to show.

*Designers Guild has some stunning soft throws and quilts in itsspring/summer 2016 collection, like this Aurelia Berries throw, €220. The collection is available at www.kevinkellyinteriors.ie  

* DFS has teamed up with interior designer Roisin Lafferty, and the result is an artistic take on the popular floral micro trend. The look features large-scale floral prints and bold bursts of block colour, complemented by the softer pastel tones. Now that’s botanical brilliance at its best. www.dfs.ie 

* Kilkenny basket maker, Eamon Tobin, grows the willow he uses in his art. He says he was drawn to basketry because of the ability to grow the raw material myself. “Having control of all parts of the process, from planting right through to the making and selling, is very satisfying. My objective is always to make strong, durable baskets that are pleasing to the eye.” Job done with this wonderful willow with blackthorn piece, 24cm in height and 75cm in diameter, €150. Available at www.iamofireland.ie and eamontobin@ymail.com 

* Get ready for a product that puts the “cycle” into “recycle”. This man’s feather necklace for men is handmade from recycled bicycle inner tubes and bike chain parts. You’ll never get tired of it. (Sorry, I can’t help myself sometimes.) €17.50 available at www.etsy.com/shop/rosepedalsjewelry 

* If there’s a better way to welcome guests into the house than with a black moustache door mat, then I don’t want to know about it. Much like real facial hair, this doormat is made from natural coconut fibres called coir, and may shed in the first few months of use. €25.50 from www.dotcomgiftshop.com 

* Indulge your inner caveman or woman and get the home fires burning, outside. This perfectly-sized La Hacienda star flower chiminea is perfect for keeping the chill away while hanging outdoors this summer. €84 from www.littlewoods.ie  

* Check out these little cuties — cousins Andrea and Gherardo, the youngest members of the extended Valoriani family. They’re helping the family promote the arrival in Ireland of the Baby Valoriani. For on-trend food fans, it will bake breads and roast meats, and it makes pizzas and meringues too. Available in signal red, ivory white or jet black, from €2,495 including delivery. In Avoca branches or online at Wood Fire Land, at www.woodfireland.ie 


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