Web Watch: Decker armchair in bus print

1. Made Clever, this one. It’s a simple concept, connect the buyer with the maker, saving money by cutting out the middle man.

Poor ole middle man. They offer original furniture design and you can shop by type, popular collections or designers. I went into accent chairs and picked out the fabulous decker armchair with bus print. It’s £399 on the site and they say the typical high street price would be £899 but you kinda have to take their word on it.

¦ www.made.com

2. Get Decorating: Wow, so many photos. Fourteen thousand, one hundred and eighty two photos, actually. This gang says the goal is to bring to you the finest design and decorating ideas from the “most beautiful homes” in North America so you can pick and choose those details that best suit your personal taste — there are just so many, it can be a bit overwhelming but you can’t help but be inspired. The kitchens are to die for.

¦ www.getdecorating.com

3. My Deco: Wouldn’t it be fun to plan out a new look for your house in 3D? Well, I can tell you, it really is. You can upload up two floorplans for free and viola, get them back in 3D. Then there’s a huge range of furniture for you to mix and match and mess around with. The planner software is intuitive and really easy to use — if I can do it, anyone can. Accessorise a mirror here, a corner suite there. and see how it looks.

¦ http://mydeco.com/3d-planner/

Web watch by Esther N McCarthy - if you have a favourite interiors website you'd like to see featured here, contact esther.mccarthy@examiner.ie.


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