DIY Tips: Painting a skirting board against fitted carpet

Potentially, nightmare task, but keeping the area clean while you work, frequent drip-checks and patience will be key to the success of this project.


* Chosen Paint. Be aware that solvent paint is harder to clean up than a water-based product such as eggshell.

* A soft clean 1-2” brush to suit. Non-shedding natural bristles are ideal

* Drop cloths

* Masking tape

* Carpet shield. This is a plastic device to protect the carpet as you work.

* 160 grit sand paper or finer


1. Vacuum the room, concentrating on the edges of the carpet, and wipe down the skirting thoroughly.

2. Use builder’s caulk to fill any gaps between the skirting and the wall. Once dry, apply painters tape (blue to area where the wall meets the boards.

3. Working right to left if right-handed, apply the paint to the top edge in long even strokes. Don’t overload the brush.

4. Slot the carpet protector between the board base and the carpet pile, pulling it away by leaning the shield back. Paint the bottom of the board. Clean shield regularly.

5. For a great finish, allow to dry, sand and apply a second coat.


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