DIY Tips: Lighting the way

Every armchair traveller needs a map lampshade to light their next virtual trip.

Choose a map of an area that you’ve visited or dream of, and create something that intrigues the eye while creating a nice library-style glow.


* A white table-style lampshade. A straight shade with a firm edged border is ideal, but any stout example will do.

* A map. Antique-style varieties are lovely, but don’t cut up family treasures. A colour photocopy onto quality heavy grade paper will work too.

* Cutting surface.

* Spray adhesive.

* Scissors.


1. Measure the depth of your shade and add about 5mm.

2. Having marked your map, cut out a long strip to wrap around the shade with a 5mm overlap.

3. Lay the map strip face down and spray the reverse with adhesive in a well ventilated area.

4. Wrap your shade, overlapping a neat seam and trimming where needed.

5. Add a decorative edging using a glue gun if you like.


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