DIY Tips: How to draw a room


At some point in time you may want to have a room plan. The most basic way to start is with an overhead view and an in-house designer of, say, kitchens or wardrobe units, can create a 3D image for you. Online room planners are available, but the measurements will still have to be done whatever medium you use.

You will need:

* Graph paper

* Pencil and rubber

* A transparent ruler (ransack the kids’ rucksacks)

* A measuring tape of at least 5m.


1 Make a rough plan, sketching a bird’s-eye view of the room.

2 Take length by width measurements of the floor. Add 5mm for skirting.

3 Break these down into increments between say the corner and the start of a window, the width of the window and so on. Jot these on your plan in centimetres or millimetres

4 Include all openings and recesses and take note of which way doors open in or out.

5 Having chosen a scale that will fit the room on the page (say 5-10cm for every little square), start by putting down the outline of the room and then inserting obstacles, recesses, windows and doors.

6 Mark the position of power points and plumbing fixtures as they now stand.

7 Have a go at drawing out each wall as if you are facing it. Your other drawing will supply the measurements to scale.

NB: If you are purchasing built-in furnishings always insist that the company who is to supply and install takes professional measurements before ordering.


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