Designer hints and tips on blossoming colours to use in your home

Kya deLongchamps talks to styling professionals about what colours, paints, textiles and looks to use this season.


Brocade cushions from €70, Kaya hand tufted 100% wool rugs from €928,

Dark Calm

Niamh Courtney for MRCB/Ben Moore

Niamh Courtney is a colour consultant for Irish firm MRCB, which includes the pigment-rich Benjamin Moore paints and Pantone’s industry-moving picks in its collection).

“Testing is one of the most important stages in choosing colour. You need to see the changes happen by day and night as artificial lighting will change everything too.

“Don’t make decisions based on how a colour looks in a showroom or in another house. Using whites in the familiar dark join between an old extension and a house will not make them feel any brighter. This is where you could experiment with something different. 

‘Denim Drift’ to upper wall, lower wall and furnishings is ‘Indigo’.

"Look to deeper shades of colour in here and you will have created a more interesting space. Consider your ceiling the fifth wall and play with it. Darker shades of colour are on trend again.

“Painting everything one colour so you cannot tell where walls meet, feels more spacious, an interesting room without boundaries.

“Greys are still very much on trend when it comes to painting homes. Taupe (a grey & brown mix) with a greyed blue as an accent colour could create a calming and sophisticated look.

* Shadow by Benjamin Moore

* Greenery by Pantone by Fleetwood

Natural Escape

Creative Director for Dulux — Marriane Shillingford

Marianne works 18 months in advance to pinpoint colours we will be painting our walls in the year to come.

“Denim Drift is our colour of the year for 2017 — a timeless versatile grey-blue, which when teamed with its complementary palette of pale and dark blues, really brings a whole look together.

“Another palette, our ‘New Romanticism’ comes together in easy to use lush green shades of nature. Team these tones with wicker and natural wood — affordable materials which reconnect our homes with the earth and nature.

OriginalStyle Artworks tile Pavilion Green inspired by Pantone’s colour of the year, Greenery.

“The look is rooted in the found, revamped and restored rather than the pristine new, and plants are everywhere, improving the air we breathe while they fill a space with life, colour and texture.

“The whole look can be brought together by painting furniture in dark colours and adding small clever touches of sharp cool green alongside softer verdant shades.

“There is no need to over-dominate with an on-trend colour— try using two colours by mixing hero colours with a complementary shade, layering up your room.”

* Palm Night

* Wild Cactus and Fortune Green

Wrapped in Emotional Colour

David Mottershead, MD of Little Greene

“Colour is emotive and evocative — and a very personal affair. And this is how we approach our consultations. Starting with a client’s favourite possession can be a good way to lay the foundations for a scheme, or talking about colours or patterns they have enjoyed in previous homes can be a good starting point.

Yellow-Pink — No 46. The yellow element of this colour was once derived from the woad plant. A rich, earthy colour, it was also used to dye wallpaper. little

“We’re innovators and like to express our personalities through ingenuous combinations of paint colours and wallpapers. We enjoy seeing wood work in rooms highlighted in accent colours, or wallpapers used in alcoves surrounded by contrasting paint colours.

“Wallpapers used on every wall of a room embraces the wrap-around feeling that our clients are enjoying at the moment, and creating juxtapositions between period properties and ‘modern’ colour combination — or vice versa — is a visual treat.

“Whatever your style, tastes or interior ambitions, a Little Greene consultation will help you find your inner interior designer and create a scheme together that works with the way you live.”

Invisible Green — No 56. Made popular by landscape gardener Humphry Repton who recommended it for fencing.

* Yellow-Pink - No 46 little 

* Invisible Green - No 56. 

Bringing Self Home

Niamh MacGowan, Interior Stylist

Niamh MacGowan encourages us to relax and put something of ourselves into our homes even during what seems like a simple daily round.

“Walking the dog every day has me out in the elements and really taking notice of the seasons and daily changes in nature.

“I often come home with my pockets filled with seashells, pebbles, seedheads and driftwood that have might have caught my eye. What to do with them? I have amassed a collection of artisan ceramics and carved wooden vessels so there is always something to choose from, to house my finds.

Interior stylish Niamh MacGowan encourages us to relax.

“I have a tray in the middle of my table with a jug of flowers, grasses or branches from the garden and some candles. It is an ever-changing focal point that is quite in tune with what is happening on the outside.” 

Courageous with Colour

Jane Dennehy. Interior Designer

Cork based interior designer Jane Dennehy has had a 16-year career ranging from single room makeovers to major refurbishments to a newly-built home interior design and everything in between. Her work sings with colour.

“Wallpaper is the most on-trend way to transform your home and make a statement. I am a big fan of using strong confident colours, but the key to using them correctly is to balance them with neutral tones.

“Firstly, and it sounds obvious, make sure you choose the right wall as you want to make sure that it’s a wall worth highlighting. Then choose something that you love and don’t be afraid to choose something that’s bold and eye-catching.

“The use of patterns will continue be a key trend throughout 2017 and beyond. Expect geometric patterns, vintage feel patterns, colours, and random patterns that can be used in a variety of applications.

“Exercise caution. If using multiple patterns, they need to have something in common with each other. Keep your palette relatively narrow. Also, be mindful of pattern scale so make sure you introduce a combination of small, medium and large scale patterns.

“Finally, trust your instincts — if it looks good to you and you feel the love when you walk into the room – then that’s really all that matters.

“If you’re interested in bold dynamic interiors or thinking about starting a project, then have a look at A Rum Fellow, a London-based design studio dedicated to beautifully-crafted artisan textiles with rich pattern and bold colours, creating statement interiors pieces and contemporary textiles, 

“There is a great range of Wedgwood rugs at, in particular a lovely colourful option, Arris Teal. Green is the official Pantone’s colour of the year and this is certain to be really popular. 

"Made from 100% wool, these hand tufted rugs are inspired by the rich heritage of Wedgewood patterns — stunning.” 

Brocade cushions from €70, Kaya hand tufted 100% wool rugs from €928, 

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