Create an interior look which reflects your personality

Carol O’Callaghan says take a confident approach to styling this season.

HOME interior trend spotting used to be a case of checking out new colours of the season, their application, and new themes. But for spring and summer this year it’s more about creating interior looks which reflect our personality.

Instead of trying to imitate what we see elsewhere or slavishly following fashion, the new approach is more confident and grown up.

The buzzwords are timelessness, aesthetics and home styling, so rather than throwing things out, you refresh what you have with some well considered purchases.

Create an interior look which reflects your personality

Colour clash: It’s clear colour is in vogue, and while paint companies and colour consultancies talk about colours of the year, use these as a guideline to find what works for you rather than being dictated by fashion.

Darker shades like indigo and emerald green are popular — the latter being a response to the trend for all things natural. Crown Paint’s Organic Discovery range is vibrant and energising with combinations of green and yellow.

Call of nature: Print is abundant with a dominance of animal graphics and leaf-laden tree branches. The difference from previous years is how they’re applied, often using very modern colour pallets and prints of outsize proportions, or, conversely, in miniature. While pattern isn’t new, its aesthetic is certainly novel.

M&S has gone all out this season with their Botanical range, emphasising vintage style aesthetics with the application of beautiful, leafy graphic prints on upholstery and cushions. To the possible horror of arachnophobes, close-up depictions of creepy-crawlies abound on accessories, especially cushions, but are surprisingly beautiful too.

Create an interior look which reflects your personality

Graphic language: The monochrome palette, which has defined geometrics with stark formality in recent years, relaxes this season. Chevrons and diamond patterns have loosened up with the application of colour and sometimes even multi-colour in a single item.

Ikea’s Dukan bed frame and headboard sum up the look with a combination of diamonds and triangles in just about every colour of the spectrum. It’s a big commitment aesthetically but can make a striking focal point set amongst timeless neutral décor and textiles.

Smoke and mirrors: In a throwback to the 1970s, glass table tops have made a return, and are now toughened to withstand the rigours of family life. As in the ’70s, we’re seeing the smoked finish but it’s taken on a more chic styling — it’s darker and more dense with a reflective quality.

Gone too are the cold chrome legs, replaced by wood stained to the same dense shade as the glass. Italian brand Calligaris has launched the Frame table which sums up this approach, and as a nod to its roots in Mid-Century Modern styling, has finished the design with an angled leg.

Create an interior look which reflects your personality

Paint it on: Rugs have never been so popular due to our on-going love affair with wooden floors. But while wood is practical and easy to clean, it needs softening, especially in bedrooms to absorb the sound of footsteps and even chatter which so easily travels upwards from downstairs.

New rug designs are plentiful with this year’s notable development being the painterly rug. The term ‘painterly’ is borrowed from the art world and literally means the rug’s appearance is as if a painter has created the pattern or motif.

Check out artisan rug maker Ceadogán at where they already have a range of rugs featuring the designs of Eileen Gray, and are currently working with artist/designers Patricia Murphy and Katie Hession.

Big canvas: Buy it because you love it is the sage advice of art auction house Sotheby’s. For a flavour of how to do it, this season designer Matthew Williamson is replacing the clinical bathroom mirror with one featuring a dramatic frame in vivid colour.

His towel selection has moved away from gleaming white to versions saturated in indigo and cerise or patterned with motifs of blowsy florals and birds on branches.

It never hurts to introduce something unusual.

Next week: New books to inspire spring interior projects.


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