Child's play: Creating a bedroom for children is not all about money

Creating a bedroom for the most precious tenants before they fledge and finally fly is an evolving project. Get it right and you will allow space for the individuality of the child and it’s not all about money.

Wall murals, stencilling and stickers, blackboard walls, or pink tulle netting — the room’s primary purpose is as a relaxing haven for daily fun, plenty of daydreaming and sound, regular, sleep.

Cute child-sized furnishings from outlets like IKEA and Argos come at a high price as a few years race by. Look instead for sleep, storage, and study ranges that grow as they do. Clearing the floor is an adult obsession and a kid’s dreaded nag and 45cm is a good depth for a lower shelf, made sturdy enough to take a loaded small crate of instep-bruising toys.

Utilise cubbies and shelves with symbols or one-word descriptions for fun, lightening clean-ups when asked.

As they stretch out, reposition the shelving up the wall or reorientate it to suit other furnishings. All high chests, shelves, and drawer units should be securely fastened to the wall to prevent topples if toddlers decide to scale new heights, pulling heavy furniture down on themselves in the process.

By the time your child touches their teens, you will have a pretty good idea who they are in terms of styling. This Circu room set from Portugal with its hand-carved mirror is WAG expensive bought piece by piece. Still, their collection is dripping with up-cycling inspiration. Shop with your youngster, exploring some clever buys from sale warehouses like HomeSense. The combination of mink, pink, and flashes of gold and velvet is on trend for 2018 — and a bed vast enough for six girls to gossip on — get to work! Pick up some Beag (pink) from Colourtrend, €26 per l.
One corner, multi-tasks, no problem. System furniture can be composed into sleeping, reclining and storage to suit your floor space. Frooti Cabin bed with drawer storage, part of a range that offers desks and storage solutions all contained in the framed area of the bed. Seasonal offers from €810 in this line with offers on Little Folks Furniture Fargo multi-compositions with daybeds from €850. Jellybean, St. Patricks Mills, Douglas Cork,
Flexa of Denmark has championed the adapt and grow principle for their products since 1972. Invest now and save yourself a depressing drag to the landfill with those saccharine sweet toddler pieces in a few short years. These retro styled Play beds have ash legs and are available in range of colours with feet to match. They make an excellent sofa conversion if outgrown by a six-footer. €219 each, matching safety rails €73, Flexa, Fota Retail Park, Cork, Create this tree with low tack Washi-tape.
One corner, three tasks - not a problem - system furniture can be composed into sleeping, reclining and storage to suit your floor space. The room demanded of a small double bed here delivers up a roomy desk, a sleep over sofa, storage and a bunk to dream about. Don’t put children under six years old in bunks or mid-sleepers even with a rail. Shown €1350 off sale. Offers on Little Folks Furniture Fargo multi-compositions from €850, Jellybean, St. Patricks Mills, Douglas Cork,
Giving up? Let them at it with the Snurk Trampoline bedding set. Very naughty and just €53.90 for light leapers,
A night light provides a comforting visual and emotional anchor as well as guiding little feet to the loo by night. Ask over time if the child wants the light left on. This little cloud would look lovely as an ornament between books floating out on lit duty or not, €5.45,

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