Rock ’n roll time as celebrity memorabilia delights at Whyte’s

Hot stuff from Sun as That’s All Right Mama and Gallagher programme feature, reports Des O’Sullivan.

A circa 1972 tour programme signed by Rory Gallagher, the Edge’s student guitar, a leather strap worn by Jimi Hendrix and a poster for the first James Bond film, Dr No starring Sean Connery - doctored by the Irish censor - will come under the hammer at Whyte’s sale of Rock and Pop and Movie Memorabilia in Dublin today.

Rock ’n roll time as celebrity memorabilia delights at Whyte’s

There are three Elvis Presley singles from 1955 by Sun Records. The most important of the first pressings has That’s All Right Mama on the A side and Blue Moon of Kentucky on the B side. This first single that Elvis produced is guiding at €700-€1,000.

The other singles are Baby Let’s Play House and Mystery Train and each one is guiding at €300-€500.

The Dr No poster where the white bikini worn by Ursula Andress proved a bridge too far for the Irish censor in 1962 is guiding at €1,000-€1,500. The Edge’s first student guitar, a Spanish classical guitar with nylon strings, is guiding at €1,200-€1,800.

The Jimi Hendrix strap has an estimate of €1,800-€2,2000 and this is probably conservative. The Rory Gallagher tour programme is estimated at €350-€400. Nearly 500 lots will come under the hammer. The sale starts at noon.


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