Working Life: Patricia Molloy, nurse

7am: The gym is close by. I head there three times a week. 

Then it’s home for a shower, a bite to eat and a bit of breakfast TV to keep abreast of the issues of the day, before heading to the clinic in Blackrock, Dublin.


My first client arrives. Most are mums with kids to get to school so appointments start at 10am.

A popular treatment is photo-rejuvenation, where we apply pulses of light to the skin. It takes about 20 minutes and can correct a variety of skin conditions such as broken veins and sun damage, a common problem for Irish skin.


A male client arrives for hair removal. About 20% of our clients are men. The main areas of hair removal are the back and chest. Some men come for photo-rejuventation, particularly if they’re on the way up the corporate ladder and want to look fresh and healthy.

12 noon

I inject dermal filler into the skin of a woman concerned she’s showing signs of ageing. The fillers replace lost volume in the cheeks and jawline and soften lines and wrinkles.

These days there’s is no need to go under the knife for a facelift. We can do plenty with fillers and thread lifts. A thread lift uses tiny surgical sutures to lift the droopy areas of the face and neck. The non-absorbable threads stay within the deep tissues and provide support.


I grab a bite to eat and catch up with colleagues. The clinic is staffed with nurses and doctors trained in cosmetic medicine.


A woman with leg veins arrives for laser treatment. Unlike surgery, it’s non-invasive and is a walk in/walk out treatment.


I have a meeting to discuss an upcoming treatment at the clinic — hair restoration using synthetic or bio-fibre hair. The procedure involves a trained implant doctor inserting hairs one by one under the anaesthetised scalp until the desired hair density is obtained. Clients see the results immediately.


I head home to catch up with housework and my husband and two adult children, one of whom lives at home and one nearby. I go to bed early on weekdays.

Patricia Molloy is a nurse and owner of The Derma Clinic


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