Uncooked food is the key to lifelong vitality

RAW food expert, Shazzie, says to get through winter with a smile, don’t eat cooked meals. Eat only raw food.

The raw-food diet has gained momentum thanks to the endorsement of celebrities like Demi Moore and Natalie Portman, and advocates like mother-of-one Shazzie.

“No animals cook their food,” she says. “And they don’t get the illnesses we do. We are an over-weight, starving culture, because nutrient-deficient foods dominate out lives. When food is raw, the nutrients are intact and the body gets what it needs without having to over-stuff itself.”

Shazzie discovered the benefits of raw food in 2000, after weight-gain, unhealthy skin, depression and lack of energy.

“I started researching food and realised I was deficient in a lot of stuff. I realised I was causing my body stress by feeding it food it just couldn’t process.” After research, she began eating only raw food, and says “all her symptoms disappeared”.

She lost weight, her skin cleared up, her head felt less muddled and she “felt enthusiastic about life, for the first time ever”.

Having lifted her own “cooking fog”, she determined to help others, writing a blog and books about her diet and personal transformation. She’s travelled the world, meeting other raw-food gurus and, in 2012, began presenting her TV show, Raw Kitchen.

Despite her love of the diet — which she says is why she now never goes to doctors, feels ‘superhuman’ and looks at least a decade younger than her 44 years — Shazzie says it’s not always easily accepted by new recruits.

“Some people make it difficult, because there are many sub-groups of raw-foodism,” she says.

People also associate the diet with being pricey, because basic and cheap cupboard staples, like pasta and bread, are banned.

“But following a raw-food diet is much less expensive than sick days and prescriptions, due to eating food your body can’t process,” she says.

Back on the offensive, Shazzie quickly extols another virtue of eating raw; you don’t have to calorie-count: “A calorie isn’t always a calorie in the body. The body needs an abundance of foods it can recognise and assimilate.

“Raw food is just the right fuel for our bodies.”

It’s also a diet that doesn’t need to take over your life and, if you want to give it a go, Shazzie says eating at least 50% raw is enough to still reap the benefits.

“99% of the food I eat is raw, but adding any raw food will have a massive impact,” she says.

“You’ll get more energy, need less sleep, become clearer in your vision — it can literally alter your life.”


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