Good news for your new start as sportswear has never been so fashionable

Yes, it’s that time of the year when we tell ourselves that with hard work, we will emerge as
the new Gigi Hadid. But first get shopping, says Paula Burns, as sportswear has never been
so fashionable.

Yes we know this is the equivalent of the obligatory cocktail in the sun selfie of the summer holiday.

A holiday simply wouldn’t be the same without creating the more than perfect, filtered to eternity instapic.

Just as January would be the lost soul of the calendar without it’s traditional, ‘New Year; New You’ articles.

It’s not that we want you to feel inadequate in any way for eating that last Rose in the tin.

Instead we’re here to encourage you to forget the guilty pleasures of Christmas. It is time to embrace a new year and with that a whole new wardrobe.

Well, a whole new fitness wardrobe.

Lidl Crivit range ladies’ casual croppedtrousers €6.99
Lidl Crivit range ladies’ casual cropped

trousers €6.99

The early noughties saw the invasion of the velour tracksuit. The velourified tramp stamp of Juicy Couture was the ultimate style statement.

If Britney was wearing it then so were we. Fast forward 15 years to another cultural shift where ‘looking’ like we’re coming from the gym has never been cooler.

Gym to street wear has evolved to celeb status. The workout ‘legging’ is having its moment so let’s embrace it.

What could be an easier trend to translate from the couch to the street?

And you never know imitating going to the gym may actually result in taking that first step to the treadmill.

Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5 TSFWtrainers €129 @littlewoodsireland
Adidas Adizero Boston Boost 5 TSFW trainers €129 @littlewoodsireland

With workout gear being so on trend the choice is endless from the high street straight through to designers like Alexander Wang and Stella McCartney for Adidas.

The new fitness fashion is all about keeping it streamlined and chic.

The slouchy trackies have moved on to the sexier figure forming leggings matched with splashes of colour in the top department.

BoohooFIT Aimee Wasn’t Built slogansports vest €11
BoohooFIT Aimee Wasn’t Built slogan sports vest €11

What makes this trend so great is the affordability factor. Even the supermarket chains have gotten on board.

The new Crivit range from Lidl even created a buzz among the team at Examiner towers.

The supermarket has created a stylish collection that also incorporates high-performance fabrics.

Just what we need for stepping off the treadmill and to the street style cobbles. Think stylish prints in bright colours.

The range covers all workout eventualities from Pilates to those high intensity boot camp classes.

Continuing on the affordability trend the fail-safe high street giant that is Penney’s has yet again saved us a few cent while keeping us bang on trend.

Lidl Crivit orane seamless sports bra€7.99
Lidl Crivit orane seamless sports bra €7.99

While the black legging has become an integral piece of the fitness chic style this season maybe the time to step out of the comfort zone and into the world of print.

With a mix of monochrome prints and solid colours the Penney’s pieces mix and match seamlessly together so that you can choose colour combos personal to you leaving you ready to tackle any cardio crunching session.

Black woven shorts at Penneys €5
Black woven shorts at Penneys €5

Keeping it Irish, Grape & Gander a luxury Irish sportswear brand have created an exclusive three-piece collection for the woman who wants to work out or simply live in comfort and style.

With backgrounds in fashion and sports, co-founders Aoife Connolly and Grace O’Rourke are the perfect duo for creating a stylish yet performance-inducing collection.

For the small collection they chose an innovative Meryl Lycra Blend fabric that’s not only silk smooth to touch but also protects us from UVA and UVB rays so we can jog along that beach without any fear.

Lidl Crivit range ladies’ grey yoga T-shirt€5.99
Lidl Crivit range ladies’ grey yoga T-shirt €5.99

Instead of battling through the crowds of sales shoppers conserve your energy for that all important gym session.

As always, online never fails. It’s a magical shopping paradise of endless hours of stress-free browsing.

This is where your fingers do the workout with fabulous results. The Irish site is a haven of internet fashion where all the must-have brands unite.

With its ‘Witness the Fitness’ section dedicated entirely to fitness fashion you shall be the workout queen of the gym ball.

Lidl Ladies’ Runners . €19.99
Lidl Ladies’ Runners . €19.99

At the print theme continues. The chicest Instagram trend of the moment is marble.

Marble everything from phone cases to laptop covers to candle holders. If it’s marble then it’s right on style.

At boohoo they’ve incorporated this must have print into their fitness range from leggings to tops.

If the tight leggings are too confining let loose in their harem pants, perfect for the yogi among you.

Wolf and Badger at Opsh leggings €65
Wolf and Badger at Opsh leggings €65

What was once the off-duty actress trend of LA, fitness fashion or athleisure as some industry insiders have dubbed it, is now the go to look for most celebs.

If you’re seeking celeb inspo then dare we say it, look no further than the Kardashians.

In particular Khloe, who is rarely spotted out of the gym these days.

Crop top €14.99 at New Look
Crop top €14.99 at New Look

The girl has a complete section of her walk-in wardrobe dedicated to fitness wear so there are plenty of sightings to choose inspiration from.

If you’re more of a Pilates, yoga type girl then look to the celeb style of Cameron Diaz or Drew Barrymore to perfect the look.

For the school-run, yummy mummy I just came from the gym look then Elle, Stella and Gwynnie are your fitness style queens.

T-shirt €17.99 New Look
T-shirt €17.99 New Look


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