Forget the gut ... listen to your heart

EVERY so often we’re faced with decisions or choices where the outcome can be significant, even life-changing and we can flounder, uncertain of the way ahead.

If despite our powers of logic, as well as research or sounding out the opinions of others, we still can’t be certain of our judgement, we sometimes resort to what is called our ’gut instinct’ to help us find the right path.

Yet we’re overlooking a far more powerful and positive source of help, according to Becky Walsh, author of You Do Know: Learning To Act On Intuition Instantly, published by Hay House.

We should, she advises, be listening to our hearts.

Although this appears to run counter to the old wisdom ‘Don’t let your heart rule your head’, she argues that, in reality, it could be the way forward to a happier life and making better choices.

“You know when somehow ‘you know’ the right thing to do,” says Walsh, “but there’s something in your head that talks you out of it, or you’ve been agonising over something in your head for ages and you can’t seem to get a solution because the power of your logical mind keeps overwhelming you?”

It is that sense we should be aware of, but instead we often turn, in desperation, to our gut instinct, she says.

“There is a connection to our brain and our gut via our vagus nerve, which runs from the base of the brain to the chest and abdomen, and this will help give us feelings and signals, especially when we consider a decision or are feeling stress about our lives.

“It could be that you get an uncomfortable, nervy feeling about something new, or a tensing in your stomach about an upcoming challenge, but all too often that can persuade you to make a choice out of fear or to act defensively to avoid those worrying sensations.

“Ultimately, that approach can only help to close our lives down.”

Walsh has researched neuroscience, psychology and spiritual teaching to formulate her theory on the power of the second intuition, and says: “Recognising our heart intuition is not difficult once we’re aware, and we allow ourselves to accept the validity of ’feelings’.

“For example, you may get an excited, expansive feeling about something and simply ’know’ it’s the right thing to do. You may not understand why you know, you just know because it feels right. If you don’t allow your rational mind to talk you out of it, often this can turn out to be the best decision you ever made.

“So, if you want more of a limitless life, follow your heart-led intuition. If you want to play it safe, follow your gut.”


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