Working life: Shane O'Sullivan, pharmacist

Shane O’Sullivan, pharmacist, Dundrum and CEO of Healthwave.


A coffee from Nick’s Coffee in Ranelagh before hopping on the Luas to Dundrum kickstarts my mornings.


A typical day starts with a review of the previous day’s performance with the pharmacy team. We work though customer service and safety metrics such as waiting times and potential mistakes. I believe community pharmacies should be set up more like hospital pharmacies, with a team of pharmacists sharing expertise. Our meetings are really enjoyable and ensure our patients receive the highest level of care. This week we recruited two pharmacy graduates and we are looking forward to them joining us in January.


Next up is a meeting with our web developers, the brains of the operation, in their techie room just off the pharmacy. We are constantly adding new features to our website and I sit down and test every new feature personally before public release. Our big project in recent weeks has been the launch of, a new website that allows patients and doctors see whether a generic version of a medicine is available in Ireland. They can also easily compare medicines by price, and calculate potential savings. Our customer care team receive over 2,000 enquiries every week from people looking for information on medicines.


One of the other unique aspects of the pharmacy service we offer at Healthwave is home visits. Each week I will make two to three of the visits myself, sit down with new patients in their kitchen, have a chat about their prescription. I find people are more open about medical issues in the comfort of their own home compared with the sometimes busy pharmacy setting.


Time for lunch. We are lucky in Dundrum Town Centre to have a wide variety of food options. You will find me in Costa Coffee drinking a flat white, responding to emails and checking in on the latest developments in health and pharmacy.


Pharmacist duty. I like to spend time each day dispensing in the pharmacy and observing how the store is running.


Exercise. Although Flyefit open 24 hours, I try to get this in on the way home.


Evenings are taken up with reading and music. My better half lives in Cork so my mid-week housemate is a Korg SP170 digital piano, we spend an hour together most evenings.



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