Working Life: Rory Perry - audologist

Rory Perry, an audologist in Cork tell us about his day


With four children aged five to 13 and a new puppy, there’s no escaping an early start. I drop my teenage daughter to school in Cork city on the way to work in Specsavers, Cook St. My wife looks after the other three — they attend schools closer to home in Glanmire.


I spend the first hour on admin work, sorting out my diary and making sure the instruments I use are properly calibrated, before my first patient arrives by appointment at 9am. I carry out an otoscopy, an examination of the ear with an instrument called an otoscope. I check for wax build-up, signs of infection, ear drum damage. If I spot a medical problem, such as a perforated ear drum or tinnitus, I refer the person back to their GP. Otherwise, I conduct a hearing test or audiogram in a sound-proof room, where the person being tested listens to sounds and presses a button to signal when they have heard something. Nine out 10 times, hearing loss is age-related.


The next appointment is to fit a hearing aid. We have a huge range, from standard to very high tech that can connect to your TV, laptop, and iPhone, it’s like bluetooth, you press a button on the hearing aid and it answers the phone. There’s less of a stigma attached to hearing aids nowa-days because most are so discreet.


A customer who came to Specsavers for a sight test decides to also have a hearing test. It’s a three-minute hearing screening. If they miss a lot of responses, we offer a full test. All tests are free. The full test takes about 45 minutes.


I have a quick sandwich in the office while catching up on paperwork and answering telephone queries.


Clinic continues. It’s for adults only. We provide aftercare for customers who have had a hearing aid fitted and may need it adjusted. I’m not always at Cook St — I also attend satellite clinics in Killarney, Bandon, Midleton, Mallow, as well as Wilton.


Clinic finishes. I spend a little time on orders, repairs, referral letters and preparing for the following day before heading home to chauffeur my kids to a variety of afterschool activities including basketball, swimming, hockey, soccer.

Rory Perry is an audiologist and hearcare director at Specsavers stores in Cork and Kerry


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