Online and in the shops: Healthy eating

Healthy eating items to get you back on track

Going green:

Sneaky Greens Super Shake is one of a new range of supplements for children aged four to 12 called Green Child, made by Terranova. Containing a blend of power greens like spirulina, vegetables, berries, and probiotics, Sneaky Greens costs €32.99 (45 servings). It may be just what’s needed if you want to supplement the diet of a fussy eater, give extra nutritional support to active children, or boost a child following an illness. There’s also a Multivitamin; €10.99 (50 capsules), a probiotic, Friendly Microflora, €8.75 (50 capsules) and Vitamin D3 €7.99 (50 capsules). These three can be opened and mixed into a smoothie or juice for children who don’t like taking capsules. Green Child supplements are 100% additive free and available from health stores;

Hot treat:

Online and in the shops: Healthy eating

January is a time for healthy diets and cutting back on caffeine, but it’s still nice to have a hot drink on chilly days. One caffeine-free option is A.Vogel Bambu, which has a coffee-like taste. Made from natural ingredients, Bambu contains organic chicory, Turkish figs, malted barley, wheat, and Greek acorns and can be taken either as a hot drink or cold in smoothies. Bambu is €6.40 for 100g in health stores; 

Healthy approach:

Online and in the shops: Healthy eating

A range of kitchen appliances went on sale in Aldi yesterday, designed to help families fill up on healthy home-cooked food for the new year. As well as juicers and smoothie makers, offers include a five-portion family grill from George Foreman, €29.99; an air fryer, €44.99, and a compact food processor, €19.99, pictured, which is new for 2016; 

Fab filter:

Online and in the shops: Healthy eating

If your tap water doesn’t taste nice and your family has been drinking lots of bottled water in school or at training, one way to make savings could be to invest in a drinking bottle with a filter. The BRITA Fill&Go Water Filter Bottle comes with four carbon filters, each lasting 20 litres or more, and costs €18.99, while additional filters are €16 for eight discs — or €2 per week. It comes in four colours — pink, blue, green or grey — and holds 600ml, so it’s easy to fit into a gymbag or schoolbag and the bottle is BPA-free and dishwasher safe; 


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