Online and in the shops

Terrifying treats: It may still be three weeks to Halloween but there’s a fiendish array of terrifying treats and decorations in stores. 

Lidl’s spooktacular range of deals will be available from Monday, including costumes for ages 2 to 10, €4.99; novelty-shaped chicken nuggets, €1.99, Halloween Pumpkin Pail with Mallows, €1.49 and Radioactive Pumpkin Pops, €1.29; 

Online and in the shops

Layer up: Now that the days are getting shorter, it’s time to put on some layers while we get outdoors and enjoy the rest of the autumn. 

Carrigaline-based supply 100% waterproof clothes for adults and children, designed to keep water and mud on the outside while you stay warm, dry and clean on the inside, as well as cosy fleeces and thermals and lined wellies for colder weather. 

This soft lightweight Elephant Print set, €39.99 is unlined, so can be worn year round — just add a fleece inside for winter wear. 

Online and in the shops

Fatty acids: Eskimo-3 Kids has been awarded the National Parenting Products 2015 Gold Award for best Omega-3 product for children ( ). 

Omega3 fatty acids are essential nutrients which cannot be made by the body, so must be obtained through diet or — as most children do not eat oily fish on a regular basis — through supplementation. 

Omega 3s support brain development and without a good supply of these important fats, it can become difficult for children to concentrate, learn new information, and balance their moods properly. Eskimo-3 Kids provides omega-3 fish oil, together with Omega-6, Omega-9 and Vitamin D and is available in two flavours, tutti frutti or orange, €12.85. 

Online and in the shops

Straighten up: The seventh annual Straighten Up Ireland Week, runs from Monday next, October 12. The theme of this year’s campaign is ‘Healthy Spine, Healthy Brain’, which aims to highlight the importance of a strong, flexible and balanced spine to keep brains healthy and enhance overall body function. 

The Chiropractic Association of Ireland is encouraging adults and children to commit to a three-minute daily exercise programme designed to improve posture, stabilise core muscle groups and maintain a healthy spine.Instruction leaflets can be downloaded from 


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