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Sweet dreams: If your child is having difficulty getting off to sleep at night Higher Nature Kids Relax & Unwind, €20.43 for 10 sachets, might help.

One of a range of supplements developed by Higher Nature to support children for age three onwards, this berry-flavoured hot drink contains calcium, magnesium and theanine to help little ones unwind after a busy day. And if they are not feeling the best, apple-flavoured Soothe & Immune, €16.97 for 10 sachets, contains manuka honey, black elderberry extract and vitamin C to support the immune system;

Immune support: Sambucol for Kids, €10.60, is another immune support formula containing black elderberry extract and vitamin C.

Online and in the shops


This berry-flavoured liquid can be taken by children aged one to12 years. Research has shown that Sambucol is dual action, which means that it not only boosts immunity but also fights the illness by ‘coating’ the virus giving the body a better chance of fighting it off.

Back to routine: Jan De Vries Child Essence, €4.85 for 30ml, is a combination of flower essences which parents may find useful to help support children and teenagers adjusting to changing situations such as settling back into school.

Online and in the shops


It includes tinctures of cherry plum, chamomile, pink cherry, larch, mimulus, walnut, chicory, bluebells, vervain and impatiens put together to help children (aged 2 onwards) to relax and be more confident. Three to five drops can be taken in a little water up to three times daily;

What’s cooking: Learning to cook equips children with a valuable life skill and also helps to boost self-esteem.

Online and in the shops


In her new book, The Cookbook for Children with Special Needs, cookery teacher Deborah French has created simple, step-by-step instructions accompanied by fun illustrations, to guide children through three levels of cooking, starting with the basics and building up to more complex recipes. Deborah has developed the cookbook from personal experience — she has a daughter with Down Syndrome and a son on the autistic spectrum — for children of all abilities.

There’s also an illustrated guide so parents can help children to understand where food comes from and what a healthy, balanced diet is. The book costs £14.99 (€20) and is available from Amazon and


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