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Stress busters: Ease back-to-school worries with the Rescue Gummy Stars soft, chewy sweets, €8.50.

Each sweet contains four drops of Rescue Remedy, the calming combination of flower essences. With a natural, orange flavour, they contain no artificial sweeteners, are alcohol-free and suitable for ages 2+. Each pack contains 60 Gummy Stars, in easy-tear strips of three for mum’s handbag and kids’ pencil cases.

Immune boost: Cut the cost of back-to-school supple-ments with the Quest Kidz Biotix and Eskimo Kids packs, €14.99. Each Kidz Biotix blackcurrant-flavour, chewable tablet contains immune-supporting probiotics, for ages 4+. Eskimo Kids is a natural fish-oil supplement, formulated for children up to the age of 12. Contains vitamin D.

Vital vitamins: Viridian Viridikid multivitamin and mineral, €20.85 for 90, is a combination of vitamins and minerals that supplements a healthy diet for kids aged two to 14, in an easy-to-swallow mini capsule.

Named ‘best children’s multi’ by Dr Alex Richardson, it has no added sugar or sweeteners, colourings, or flavourings. Viridian recommend that it is taken along with ViridiKid organic omega-3 oil, €13.45, for the optimum supplement programme for children.

Cough syrup: Manuka honey is known for its anti-bacterial properties. For an immune boost, try Manuka

Health’s MGO 400+Manuka honey syrup, €15.99 for 100mls, for 12-years plus. The syrup, which also contains propolis and herbs with expectorant properties, is designed to boost the immune system naturally and assist with the symptoms of cough, flu, cold and respiratory conditions. For more information, see

Fruity flavour: Floradix Kindervital is a quality multi-vitamin formulated with a focus on bone and immune health for growing children. Naturally sweetened with fruit juice, this easily absorbed liquid-tonic contains herbs that are mild digestives. These assist the absorption of Kindervital, as well as stimulating the child’s appetite.

Most children love the taste, but it can also be blended with juice, apple sauce or yoghurt. Kindervital comes in two flavours, original and fruity formula, and costs €9.95 for 250ml, from health stores and pharmacies.


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