It's my life: Tric Kearney

In an attempt to cheer my hair up over the past few weeks, I’ve used half the household budget
on new gels, writes Tric Kearney

I HAVE a problem and , even before I share it, I know that it will not ring alarm bells for anyone. Most people may even think I’m being ridiculous, but a problem is a problem. So, regardless of your lack of empathy for my situation, I’ll just say it out loud: my hair gel is no longer on sale in Ireland.

There, I knew it, no one cares. But if you were to walk by me and catch sight of my forlorn hair sitting atop my head with no life in it whatsoever, I have little doubt but that you would comment, ‘Oh dear, would you look at the state of her.’

Prior to this trauma, I was sailing through life without a worry in the world. While friends of mine spent hours washing and drying their beautiful manes, before spending many more hours curling or straightening them, I delighted in the fact that my short hair took up no time at all.

In those carefree days of old, my gelled hair looked like it was ready to party at all times, standing out and up in all directions, on high alert for fun. It was a simple matter daily, of wash, gel and go.

But, those days are gone. Now, it’s just wash and go... nowhere.

I’m pretty sure you think I’m exaggerating somewhat, but let me assure you I’m not. Take today, for example. It was one of those days when I woke feeling good about life, happy to be above ground, the sun shining and not a lot on my to-do list. I sang aloud in the shower every half of a song I knew. Then out I stepped, dressed and quickly towel dried my hair before remembering... no hair gel.

I paused to look at myself in the mirror. My hair lay in its natural party-less state, clung to my head like it had dripped from the shower and stuck where it landed. I did my best to style it this way and that, but it wasn’t happy. To be honest, I thought it looked depressed. Perhaps it was missing its friend gel? And to add to its misery the natural colour had
decided to show itself.

I’m sharing a lot today. Some of you may think I’m very brave, others may say I’m being foolish, but I have a big confession to make... I am not a natural purple.

It’s true. In fact my real hair colour left every hair on my head in my early 20s, almost immediately after I gave birth. I did everything to beg it to stay, buying it fancy potions and caring for it more, but by the time teething and sleepless nights became the norm it had had enough and moved on. In its place dark, and silver grey came to stay, which looks perfectly lovely on others, but it’s never been a hair colour I’ve wished to have, just as I’m sure an unnatural hint of purple would not appeal to everyone either.

In an attempt to cheer my hair up over the past few weeks, I’ve used half the household budget on new gels. I’ve bought expensive and cheap ones, jars and bottles all promising, ‘The ultra hold’. Foolishly I believed them. I washed and gelled and when I looked in the mirror saw the old me smiling out, party hair at the ready. All good. Unfortunately, a few hours later passing a mirror I saw a ‘very old me,’ looking out, my party hair lying lank and close to death, or hungover at best.

So it looks like I’ve to give up. No more ‘extreme hold’ promises for me.

Time to invest in a few hats.


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