Get fitter and stronger faster, without leaving the house

Put your entire body through its paces without even leaving the house, says Amanda Khouv.

WHILE some people love lacing up and hitting the streets for a run, others prefer a gym setting and all the high-tech equipment it comes with. 

But if neither of those really work for you, then check out an online platform designed to help you get a decent workout at home.

On-demand training has come such a long way and Flex TV is proof.

It boasts a massive library packed with different fitness classes — which means that your workout is only a few clicks away, whether you’re looking to get lean, improve your cardio or boost strength.

Flex TV’s Tara Margulies has devised this workout as a little taster. It aims to give you a full-body workout that will get you fitter, stronger and leaner.


Perform 45 seconds of each move with 15 seconds’ rest in between. 

After either three moves, rest for a minute then continue. 

Repeat the entire sequence of five moves for a total of three sets.


Get fitter and stronger faster, without leaving the house



* Start in a plank position, then push your hips up into downward dog, so that your body resembles an upside-down ‘V’ shape with your back and legs straight.

* Bend your elbows to lower your shoulders towards the ground.

* Push back up and repeat.

SAFETY TIP: Keep your neck in line with your spine throughout


Get fitter and stronger faster, without leaving the house

Areas trained: STOMACH, SIDES, CORE


* Start lying down with legs and shoulders off the floor, hands by temples and lower back pressed into the floor.

* Bring one knee in towards the chest and twist to meet it with the opposite elbow.

* Repeat on the other side.

Alternate sides with each rep.

SAFETY TIP: Keep your head in a neutral position and refrain from holding the back of your head


Get fitter and stronger faster, without leaving the house

Areas trained: GLUTES, QUADS


* Squat down to touch your fingers on the floor in front of you.

* Jump up with arms in the air and twist 180 degrees mid-air.

* Land softly, straight into another squat, this time jumping in the opposite direction. Alternate directions with each rep.

SAFETY TIP: Make sure your knees don’t collapse inwards in the squat


Get fitter and stronger faster, without leaving the house

Area trained: FULL BODY


* Place hands on the floor and jump feet back into plank position.

* Perform four mountain climbers by bringing one knee in towards the chest, then switching legs to bring the other knee in.

* Jump feet back in towards the hands.

* Jump up as high as you can.

* Land softly then repeat.

SAFETY TIP: Don’t let your hips drop lower than the rest of your body when in plank position


Get fitter and stronger faster, without leaving the house



* From standing, take a big step back with one leg and lower to touch the floor with the same hand.

* Drive the back knee and opposite arm up high as you jump off the front leg.

* Land back in the start position and repeat on the same side. Perform the allotted reps on one leg and then the other to complete a full set.

SAFETY TIP: Keep a flat back as you lower


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