Work it out: Get fresh and fit

Get a taste of the great outdoors with this energetic workout.

So it’s winter and you don’t want to budge from under the duvet? It may be cold outside but there’s no better way to get the blood flowing through your veins than by exercising in the fresh air.

If you’re lacking fitness inspiration don’t worry. Here’s a workout that makes the most of the great outdoors.

This fast, playful routine will get your blood pumping, muscles working and get your happy hormones rushing. All you need is open space.

How to do it

Perform one set of each move after the other to complete a circuit, with a 10-second rest period between each move. After one full circuit, rest for one minute (or jog on the spot if you’re super fit) then repeat for the allotted sets for your level.


Beginner: 2 x 40 seconds

Intermediate: 3 x 40 seconds

Advanced: 4 x 50 seconds

Grapevine hop

Areas trained: Legs, core


¦ Hop forwards for 20 metres on your left leg.

¦ Now side-step to the right for 20 metres.

¦ Hope backwards for 20 metres on your right leg.

¦ Side-step back to the start and repeat in the opposite direction.

Dancing queens

Areas trained: Legs, shoulders


¦ Start with feet together, and palms together in front of you.

¦ Jump to the side, as you swing your arms out to the sides, clapping above your head as you land.

¦ Alternate directions for each rep.

Steel core

Areas trained: Stomach, sides of stomach.


¦ Lie on your back with knees bent and drop them to one side. Bring your hands to your temples.

¦ Keeping your shoulders and elbows parallel to the floor, crunch your upper-back off the floor.

¦ Lower and repeat. Perform the allotted time on each side to complete one set.

Springer drives

Areas trained: Bottom, legs.


¦ Stand with your feet close together.

¦ Squat down to touch the floor, then jump up, extending the body.

¦ Land softly and repeat.


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