This single move will work your entire body from head to toe

EVERYONE likes to train in different ways, but if split routines aren’t really your thing or you’re after a full-body move to add to your workouts, look no further.

Insert this total-body move into your usual routine to really up the ante in your next session. 

All you need is a medicine ball or Dynaball and you’ll be well on your way to a hot bod. Warning: your arms, chest, core, legs and bum might not thank us for this.

Kit you’ll need:

Medicine Ball

Areas trained:


This single move will work your entire body from head to toe


* Crouch down with your hands on the ball. 

* Keeping your hands on the ball, jump your feet out into plank. 

* Bend your arms to lower your chest to the ball, keeping your hips in line with the rest of your body throughout. 

* Extend your arms to push back up. 

* Jump your feet back into a crouched position. 

* Holding the ball with both hands, jump up as high as you can, taking the ball overhead. 

* Slam the ball on the ground as hard as you can. 

* Repeat 


Don’t let your hips sag when performing the plank


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