Punch that stress away

There are more benefits to boxing than you might think.

The obvious ones are improved cardio fitness, stamina and core strength, leading to super toned limbs and an enviably flat tum.

However a session with the punchbag is also an ace form of stress relief, turning negative feelings into positive emotions.

Boxing is a great way to get rid of any tension you’re holding.

As you punch the pads, visualise the negativity and stress leaving your body, to get the most from the workout.

¦ Complete this circuit three times a week for best results.


Throw from the front hand. Turn your hand so your palm is parallel to the floor and you are landing the punch with your knuckles.


When you throw your right hand, the technique is the same as the jab, but you are turning your back foot and hip through, so that you get more power in the punch. Make sure your back foot stays on the floor and on the ball of your foot. Your weight should also stay in the middle of your stance.


To throw a hook, your elbows should be bent as you land the shot and your palm should be facing you. The punch should land with your knuckles hitting the pad. Turn your front foot and hip into the shot for more power. Ensure you keep your weight through the middle of your stance. Let your right foot act as an anchor, as you come through with the punch.


Imagine you are avoiding someone trying to hit you. Bend your knees slightly and roll to the side from which you intend to punch (ie, if you’re throwing a right-cross, roll your body to the right). Then roll underneath, just low enough to avoid a punch. Keep your hands by your face, your head forward, and your eyes on your target, and come up the other side.


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