Hit the dance floor

Burn loads of calories, boost your co-ordination, and get shimmying with Zumba’s hot new workout.

Zumba is way up there in the popularity stakes as far as group exercise classes are concerned.

People just seem to love the energising, carefree and confidence-boosting workout, not to mention its ability to get you shaking and shimmying, working up a sweat, and burning serious calories in the process.

The dance-based class has made such huge waves in the fitness industry that it’s now launched another amazing new version to give its millions of followers an even spicier variety of their favourite group workout.

Zumba Step, which — you guessed it — is Zumba with a step, combines traditional fitness, dance, and step aerobics to create an interval workout that’s going to take the dancefloor by storm.

Although the addition of the step encourages further focus on the lower body, Zumba Step will still get your whole body moving while improving balance and co-ordination along the way.


Perform each move 4 times then repeat for 4 more sets, speeding up

Hit the dance floor


* Start on the floor, facing the step at a 45-degree angle.

* Step up with the left leg, then the right, into a wide stance.

* Step down with the left leg, then tap the right on the floor.

* You’re turning your body in a half moon as you step up, up, down, down.

* Repeat on the other side for the next rep, and repeat until you complete a set.

Hit the dance floor


* Start on the floor with the step between your feet.

* Step up with the left then right leg, feet together.

* Step your left leg down, then your right leg.

* Repeat on the opposite side for the following rep.

Hit the dance floor

Reggaeton Pull

* Start to the side of the step, your left leg on the step and your right on the floor.

* Pull your upper body foward and and up, transferring your weight onto the left leg.

* Transfer your weight back on to the right leg on the floor, using a rocking motion.

* Repeat this movement on the opposite side for the following rep.

Hit the dance floor

Cardio lunge

* Start with both feet together on the step.

* Lower your left leg to the floor, then squat.

* Push back off it to come back to the top, changing legs with a small hop to repeat the movement on the other side.

Hit the dance floor

Basic rise with merengue arms

* Start on the floor with the step in front of you.

* Step up with your left leg, then right, bending your left arm and extending your right out to the side.

* Step down, reversing the arm movement so that your right arm is bent and left is extended.

* Repeat.

Hit the dance floor

Cumbia basic

* Step forward, transferring your weight into your front foot.

* Swing back with the front leg. Repeat.


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