HIIT workouts to get you motivated to train

Stay inspired and enjoy exercise with this challenge HIIT workout, says Amanda Khouv

WHEN first starting a training programme, motivation levels tend to be high. But as time goes on, we get bored, feel less challenged and find other things to prioritise. Sadly, by the time this happens, you may not yet have seen the results you’d hoped for.

If you’ve ever felt your motivation wane, or you’ve found it hard to stick to a plan for long enough to see a difference, HIIT might be your ticket to success.

New research from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada suggests that HIIT plans are more enjoyable than moderate exercise, and therefore easier to stick to – which is crucial for results.

If you’re looking for a new HIIT workout to get your motivation soaring, try this super-simple full-body barbell complex…

HOW TO DO IT: Using the same barbell throughout, perform 15 to 20 reps of each move back to back with 15 seconds’ rest after each. Once one set of each move has been completed, rest for one to two minutes and repeat for a total of five sets.

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