Give your glutes and hamstrings a workout with this deadlift exercise

Ready to take your lower body fitness up a gear or two? It’s a challenge, but your glutes and hamstrings will be soon be reaping rewards, says Amanda Khouv.

THE one-leg Romanian deadlift is quite a mouthful to say, and we’re not going to lie — it’s a tough one to perfect, too.

One for more experienced lifters, it’s a great move to really push yourself as well as your results. 

“This exercise will test core stability, hip stability, upper back strength and balance,” says strength and conditioning trainer Dan Lawrence.

“Because it is a unilateral movement, it will highlight any imbalance you may have from left to right, too.”

The one-leg Romanian deadlift is especially important if you run or play sports, as your glutes and hamstrings (as well as the rest of your posterior chain) play a huge role in any jumping or forward movement.

A bonus for this tough exercise?

“Due to the lengthening nature of the exercise, it will also improve flexibility in your hamstrings.”

If the exercise is too difficult, take away some of the instability by placing your back leg on a glider on top of a box.

If it’s too easy, add some more weight.


Give your glutes and hamstrings a workout with this deadlift exercise



* Start standing upright with your weight on one foot. Hold a dumbbell tightly in your opposite hand to the leg that is in contact with the floor and always keep this dumbbell close to your body.

* Hinge at your hips, pushing them back while keeping your weight distribution predominately through your heel and maintain a soft knee throughout.

* Take three to four seconds to lower and come down as far as you feel comfortable and your hamstring flexibility allows.

* Extend your free leg back in a straight line with a slightly bent knee as your torso hinges forwards.

* At your lowest position under control, you would ideally have a straight line from the bottom of your free leg to the top of your head.

* Pull yourself back up to the start by keeping your shoulder tight and pulling your hips through to finish, squeezing the glute on your planted leg.

Give your glutes and hamstrings a workout with this deadlift exercise

SAFETY TIP: Keep a neutral head position throughout — don’t consciously look up or down


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