Get in shape with dancer moves

Get lean and sculpted with this simple, ballet-inspired workout from Sleek Technique, says Amanda Khouv.

A new online class craze Sleek Technique ( promises to bring you a step closer to that toned dancer’s body without the fancy footwork.

This simple workout will sculpt your entire body, but it doesn’t require much more than a desire to get in shape. No coordination? No ballet background? No rhythm? No problem.

While ballet technique is incorporated into this graceful routine, it’s teamed with conditioning exercises for an effective, yet easy class.

Sleek Technique classes are cleverly streamed live online to a maximum of eight people a time, so the instructors will really give you the attention you need. Or, you can try our workout at home and get to grips with the moves.

Try the below moves for a Sleek Technique-style session at home.

How to do it

Perform the full sets and reps for each exercise before moving on to the next, counting eight beats to rest between each set.

Transfers with Port de Bras

Areas trained:

Bottom, thighs, core


¦ Start in plié in second position (as pictured), arms in first position in front of you.

¦ Transfer your weight to one leg so the other stretches to the side, then squeeze your bottom and take one arm overhead and the other to the side.

¦ Switch to the other side for the next rep, moving back through the plié, alternating quickly with each rep.

Ballerina arm switches


Beginner: 2 x 16 reps

Intermediate: 3 x 16 reps

Advanced: 4 x 16 reps

Areas trained:

Thighs, shoulders


¦ Start lunged into the front leg with your back leg straight and arms extended into third arabesque — back arm high, front arm shoulder-height with palms down.

¦ Switch arms repeatedly and fluidly, using a full range of motion.

¦ Change legs for the following set.

Tendu and flex

Areas trained:

Bottom, inner thighs, calves


¦ Start in first position, one hand on the chair or barre and the other on your waist.

¦ Slide and extend the outside leg in front of you, stretching out your toes, making sure it’s crossed rather than out on a diagonal.

¦ Flex the foot and lift it 2 inches, then pulse the leg, keeping it rotated outwards at the hip.

¦ Lower, then slide it back into first position and repeat on the other leg to complete one set.

Plié pulses in first and second position

Areas trained:

Bottom, thighs, shoulders


¦ Stand with your heels together and toes pointing out in a ‘10 to two’ position, with the palms of your hands together and elbows lifted.

¦ Bend your knees into a plié, keeping them in line with your toes.

¦ Pulse in this position, keeping arms at shoulder height.


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