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3, 2, 1… blast off! Need a workout that’ll take you to another dimension? 

3, 2, 1… blast off! Need a workout that’ll take you to another dimension? Try Rocket Yoga Rocket Yoga – sounds intriguing, right? But what exactly is it? Well, while some styles of yoga really focus on the meditative aspect of the practice, and others are more of a challenge for the body, Rocket Yoga brings the two together in an energising and effective workout. ‘As Rocket Yoga finds its roots in Ashtanga, there’s a strong focus on using the breath to bring energy and space into the body,’ explains Lolo Lam from Yotopia.

‘It’s an essential tool that helps to bridge the gap between the mental and physical sides of yoga.’ ‘Over time, the focus should be on getting deeper into each pose,’ says Lolo. ‘The more advanced you are, the more you look at a moving meditation and focusing on the transitions in and out of the poses using the breath.’ Here, Lolo takes us through eight moves that capture the essence of Rocket Yoga.

So if you’re looking for a challenge, but don’t want to compromise the meditative aspect of yoga, give this a go.

Technique — Stand, shifting your weight onto your right leg and grounding your foot into the mat.

Bring your left leg up, taking hold of your ankle with your hand.

Draw your belly button toward your spine.

Place your lifted foot on the inside of your left thigh. If possible, your heel should sit snuggly into the inner right groin. Point your toes downward toward the floor.

From this position you are sending the energy down your bent knee and out to the side. (If you cannot bring the foot up into the groin, then take it on to the calf muscle. It is important that the foot does not press on the knee joint.) — Do not twist or bow your hips to the side, keep them square and neutral.

Bring your hands into prayer at the heart centre.

Fix your gaze on a stable point in the distance at eye level.

Inhale as you bring your arms up, then exhale as you open your hands. Take five breaths.

To come out, inhale as you bring your hands together.

Exhale and bring your hands down through your centre line to your chest and release your foot to the ground.

Technique — Start in Warrior 2, then, as you inhale, straighten your front leg, so that both legs are strong and engaged.

As you exhale, reach your body and front arm forward, extending through the underside of your body and crown of your head. Imagine you are between two panes of glass, to keep your body in line with the legs.

Your back hip will come forwards slightly, but keep your chest open to the side of the room.

Take your front hand down so that the back of your hand is against your shin and calf.

(Try not to cheat by holding the leg!) — Extend your left arm up to the sky, taking your gaze all the way to the top fingers.

As you inhale, lengthen through your spine, then, as you exhale, open your chest to the sky. Take five deep breaths here.

To come out, move into Side Angle pose.

SIDE ANGLE POSE TRIANGLE POSE Technique — Start in Triangle pose. Inhale, bringing your arms up to a ‘T’.

Step your back foot further down the mat. Lunge with your front leg, ensuring your front knee doesn’t extend over your toes.

Drop your hips low, keeping your body open to the side of the room.

Take your front forearm down and rest it gently on your front thigh.

Lift your right arm up, extending alongside the right ear. Roll your shoulders away from your ears and take your gaze to your top hand.

As you inhale, send the energy down through the outside edge of your back foot and up through your extended arm through your fingertips. As you exhale, try to open your chest towards the sky.

(Don’t let the bent knee roll in.) — Keep your core tucked in and strong and do not collapse the underside of the body – keep it extended. Take five breaths.

To come out, inhale. As you exhale, bring your hands down to frame your front foot. Square your hips.

As you inhale step the back foot up to meet the front, lengthen the spine and then exhale into a forward fold. Squeeze your stomach in, inhale and sweep your arms up above your head and exhale to Standing Mountain pose.


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