Day 1: Lemon and Anchovy Chicken

Serves 4
Potatoes for four
A dash of olive oil

6 cloves of garlic, lightly crushed 

4 anchovy fillets 

A small handful of capers 

4 chicken breasts on the bone, seasoned 

2 lemons, zest of both, juice of one, the other sliced 

Par boil your potatoes in lightly salted water until they have started to soften but still completely hold their shape. If they have thin skins you can just wash them and boil or if they are older potatoes you might want to peel them.

Heat the oil over a low heat in a large sauce pan and sauté the garlic and anchovies until the garlic is about to change colour. Add the capers and chicken until the chicken is brown all over. Stir in the lemon juice and zest.

Slice the potatoes, once they are cool enough to handle and lay them in the base of an oven proof dish. Place the chicken and the bits from the pan on top. Rinse the pan with 3 tbs of water and pour this over the chicken. Lay the slices of lemon on top.

Place into the oven heated to 180 degrees until the chicken is cooked through.

Day 2: Grilled Baby Gem with Sausage Sandwiches 

Serves 4

4 baby lettuces, sliced in half 

a dash of olive oil 

8 slices of halloumi cheese 

4 pinches of chilli flakes 

½ a lime, zest and juice 

8 banger style sausages 

8 slices of thick bread 

4 spoons of a nice chutney 

I first had grilled baby gem in barbecue restaurant in London and I loved them. These are a little less spicy then the ones I was served but you can add some fresh chilli if you like. I think the addition of the salty halloumi works well.

Rub a little oil over the halves of lettuce and season. Place them cut side down on a griddle pan and cook for about five minutes until they are beginning to char and the stems have become tender.

Put the sausages under the grill.

Turn the lettuce halves over onto a baking tray and cover each one with a slice of halloumi and a sprinkling of chilli and lime juice and zest. Place under a grill until the halloumi is starting to melt.

Toast the bread.

Halve the sausages lengthwise when cooked. Cover the toast in the chutney and make four sausage sandwiches to serve with the lettuce. You can add lots of other ingredients to bulk up the sandwiches if you like.

Day 3: Haddock Crumble

Serves 4

300g of haddock, filleted 

100g of whiting, filleted 

2 small leeks, sliced 

200mls of milk 

40g of cold butter, cut into cubes 

20g of sunflower seeds 

75g of spelt flour — you can use plain flour if you prefer 

100g of parmesan, grated 

A bunch of tarragon, chopped 

4 bunches of cherry tomatoes 

1 tsp of chilli flakes 

Put the fish, leeks and milk into a saucepan and simmer gently for five minutes until the fish is starting to flake.

Rub the butter into the flour until it resembles rough bread crumbs. Stir through the seeds, parmesan, tarragon and some seasoning.

Place the fish into an oven proof dish with the leeks. Thicken the remaining milk with a tea spoon or two of the flour. Stir the flour vigorously into the liquid and then pour over the fish. Top with the crumbs.

Place into an oven heated to 190 degrees for 15 minutes.

Toss the tomatoes in a little oil, some seasoning and chilli flakes. After the fish has been cooking for 15 minutes add the tomatoes into the oven in an oven proof dish then cook them both for a further 15 minutes until the top is golden. 

Day 4: Winter Rainbow Salad 

Serves 4

200g of quinoa 

400 mls of stock 

3 carrots, very thinly sliced 

2 beetroots,very thinly sliced 

A small head of radicchio leaves — or another purple lettuce leaf 

8 radishes, very thinly sliced 

1 small bulb of fennel, very thinly sliced 

2 tbsp of olive oil 

½ tbsp of cider vinegar 

A bunch of mint leaves, finely chopped 

½ a green chilli 

The juice of a lime 

Cover the quinoa with the stock and bring to a gentle boil until it is cooked through.

Blitz the olive oil, cider vinegar, mint, lime juice and chilli until they form a smooth paste. Taste and season.

Toss the raw vegetables and the quinoa in the dressing until they are completely coated.

Day 5: Brown Rice with Asian Omelette and  Pine Nuts

Serves 4

Brown rice for four 

A dash of rapeseed oil 

3 eggs, beaten 

3 tbsp of light soya sauce 

1 tbsp of fish sauce 

1 tsp of honey 

A bunch of coriander chopped 

4 cloves of garlic 

1 red pepper, de seeded and sliced 

2 carrots, diced 

A bunch of spring onions, sliced 

A handful of pine nuts, lightly toasted 

Put the rice on to boil in lightly salted water and drain when cooked.

Whisk the eggs, one tablespoon of soya sauce, the fish sauce, honey and half of the chopped coriander. Heat a little sesame oil in a small sauce pan and cook the egg mixture over a low heat until cooked through. Set aside until cool enough to handle then slice into thin strips.

Heat another dash of oil in a large sauce pan until very hot and stir fry the garlic, peppers and carrots. Add the rice and rest of the soya sauce. Coat the rice adding a little more soya sauce if necessary. Stir through the remaining coriander, the spring onions and the sliced  omelette. Sprinkle with pine nuts and serve.


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