Wine: McGuigan Black Label range

VINEYARDS are a bit like New York: once you’ve visited, you can’t wait to get back — and you’re dying for your friends to make that discovery too, if only so you can vicariously relive the pleasure.

Your first sight of land covered in rows of trellised vines, combined with sunshine, plus a glass of the resultant cabernet or chardonnay, adds up to a delightfully leafy, romantic vision.

I can’t whisk you away to visit a vineyard, more’s the pity, but I can point you to the next best thing, McGuigan City Vineyard Dublin 2012.

From Sept 5 to 8, the popular Australian winery is throwing open the gates to a sort-of vineyard in the heart of Dublin temporarily planted with rows of living 70-year-old semillon vines, along with all the paraphernalia of a winery, all presided over by chief winemaker Neil McGuigan. More importantly, you’ll be invited to taste from their extensive range.

A grand day out for wine fans then? Well yes, and there’s another group of people who I think will find a visit particularly appealing — gardeners.

It’s free and there’s no booking so you can just show up. But do take a look at their website beforehand for terms and conditions.

Chief among them — no-one under 18 (including babies) will be admitted; and wear your best hat as attendance implies consent for later filming.

¦ Imported by Barry and Fitzwilliam, the McGuigan Black Label range is widely available.

Stockists include Tesco, SuperValu, Centra, Dunnes, Carry-Out and independents. Tesco also imports further wines in the McGuigan range.

¦ The McGuigan City Vineyard is open daily from noon to 7pm at Meeting House Square, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, from Sept 5 to 8. See


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