What are the Top 8 ice lollies?

ARE we kidding ourselves encouraging our kids to eat ice lollies instead of icecream? 

I have given calorie values, but there wasn’t a huge difference between the samples surveyed. Add a few saturated fats for anything with ice-cream in it, but regard any lollies as treats anyway.

Sugar and even the low amount of salt in these lollies will cause, not slake, a thirst, so while they are icy and cooling, it’s a good idea to have water to hand — and not a sugary/fizzy drink — they are not the solution to a thirst. As for real fruit content, they certainly cannot be depended on to provide any of our five-a-day. But by choosing carefully we can at least enjoy those with the most fruit and a taste of real fruit.

We had plenty of choices. Those that didn’t make the grade had some odd flavours, often quite synthetic, and had a strange oily texture with less fruit than our final choices. We looked for tastes that were refreshing, and wthe tasters were almost unanimous in our final scoring.

Tesco Finest Valencia Orange Juice Lollies 292ml €2.99

What are the Top 8 ice lollies?

Admirably the shortest list of ingredients with 87% freshly squeezed orange juice and sugar delivering a high enough 21.6% sugars, much of which comes from the fruit. A relief to see no additives. With 71 calories per lolly, they were deliciously orangey and pure. The four lollies impressed tasters for their most refreshing flavour.

Score: 9

Marks & Spencer mango & pineapple juice lollies 438ml €4.60

What are the Top 8 ice lollies?

Six lollies have a high 40% pineapple juice from concentrate, 22% mango purée, concentrated apple juice, banana purée amounting to a high 25.1% sugars, though a lot of this is from the fruit itself.

With 64 calories, there are lots of clean, zingy flavours here, and mango comes through nicely.

One taster found the blend too heavy.

Score: 8.25

Lidl Gelatelli Fruit Dream 294g 360ml €1.09

Six lollies come with half ice-cream and half fruit-flavoured coating. 8% concentrated strawberry is reddened further with beetroot juice. The often used glucose-fructose syrup is added to sugar to bring the total of sugars to a high 24.2% which includes the sweetness of the fruit and milk. 77 calories was average, but tasters found that, while pleasant, neither the fruit nor the ice-cream had any definite flavours.

Score: 6

Ice King Fruit Splits 438ml €1.50

What are the Top 8 ice lollies?

Strawberry, orange and blackcurrant flavoured ices (two of each) with a vanilla ice-cream centre. Glucose and glucose-fructose syrups with sugar amount to 15.6% sugars including fruit sugars, but there are a lot of additives too. 51 calories per split is on the low side, but there was not a lot of fruit flavour on the outer coating nor vanilla in the ice-cream. However, tasters enjoyed them. I bought in Dunnes Stores.

Score: 6.25

Del Monte Smoothie 270ml €2

What are the Top 8 ice lollies?

The three raspberry lollies in this pack have no artificial colours or preservatives and are fat free, but there are added stabilisers and lots of sugars amounting to 20%, some of which come from the fruit. A decent 25% raspberry purée and 3% blackcurrant purée yields a high enough 85 calories per lolly, but the deliciously dense fruit flavours go all the way through for a satisfying lick. There is a heavy sweetness from the rich fruit which tasters liked.

Score: 8

Calippo orange & lemon-lime 480ml €3.10

What are the Top 8 ice lollies?

Six push-up lollies have three of each type with 20% orange and 5% apple juice concentrates in the orange variety, while the lemon-lime has 7% lemon juice and 2% lime juice both from concentrate. At 17% sugars have glucose and fructose syrups added to the sugar. No worrying additives otherwise. 51 calories per lolly. Tasters found these refreshing and nicely icy.

Score: 7.75

Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles lollies 260ml €2

What are the Top 8 ice lollies?

Four lollies in rainbow stripes of fruit juice from 25% concentrates of pineapple, orange, lemon, raspberry and blackcurrant. The 19.2% sugars come from the fruit, sugar, glucose syrup and dextrose, but no other worrying additives. With 60 calories, lovers of fruit pastilles will not be disappointed with these full-flavoured lollies which taste quite sweet but the stripes deliver plenty of extra fruity zing.

Score: 7.5

Yoo Moo frozen yogurt lollies 220ml €2

What are the Top 8 ice lollies?

Two each of three flavours of lollies with a marbled pattern of yogurt and fruit were liked by tasters.

65% yogurt has sugar and glucose syrup amounting to sugars from 19.1% in the tropical fruit flavour, down a little to 18.4% in the strawberry flavour. There are emulsifiers too. Fruit concentrates provide intense enough flavours. With 74 calories, there is no yogurt tang, so more like fruit and cream.

Score: 8


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