The Menu: pork fest

Cap’n Menu eyes Kenmare Food Carnival

Avast, ye landlubbers, Cap’n Menu is heading out into the Wild Blue Yonder once again, well, Kenmare Bay, to be precise, as he joins Midleton chef Kevin Aherne aboard the Seafari for Sage Goes to Sea (Jul 14), a seafood ‘demo-and-dine’ showcasing Aherne’s inimitable ‘12-mile-style’ on board the Kenmare Bay pleasure cruiser. Of course, it’s all part of the 2nd Kenmare Food Carnival (Jul 12-14), which last year brought much joy to The Menu’s heart and belly and he anticipates even greater culinary shenanigans this year. If he looks a tad wobbly on board he shall only be freshly arrived from Susan Boyle’s wonderful A Wine Goose Chase, a combination of theatrical performance and wine tasting that tells the story of some of the fine Gaels tied up in the history of wine over the last 2,000 years. Also on offer alongside the splendid street market, the Taste Trail and ongoing family entertainments, are myriad cooking demos featuring Derry Clarke and Rozanne Stevens amongst others, and do check out Dr Lucy Deegan detailing the rise and rise of her Ballyhoura Mushroom outfit, as well as furnishing a few top mushroom foraging and growing tips.

Picnic package tempting offering

Always a great man for al fresco dining, The Menu rather fancies Galway’s Hotel Meyrick’s latest offering for the Galway Arts Festival (Jul 15-28), a rug-and-picnic package to be enjoyed on Eyre Square (Jul 20 & 21) while internationally-renowned acrobatic troupe Les Pepones get up to all sorts of aerial high jinks overhead on the trapeze way overhead. To order your basket, see Meanwhile, another local establishment The Twelve hotel ( will be dispatching culinary envoys from their kitchens to bring a menu of festival food along to the Big Top, which really cuts down on the travelling time betwixt pre-show dining and the main event itself.

Pop up pork fest takes a licking

Renowned Dublin butcher Ed Hick hosts a pop-up pork fest in the wine bar of KC Peaches, on Nassau St, KC Peaches Wine Cave, and will be knocking out some of the more unusual cuts, including ‘lachs schinken’ (cured loin) and lardo (fat) from a single organic sow, spiced pork brisket, and slow roast pork neck, as well as having an indoor spit roast on hand for his gently smoke-cured ‘bacon’ ribs. booking: or 087 984 5929

Today’s special 2.0

Despite pre-dating rural electrification, The Menu remains a fierce man for the latest newfangled gadgets and is forever searching out new apps for his Where-What-When-Who-and Why-Phone and, naturally, is most taken with those of a gustatory inclination. He is still waiting for the killer Irish food app but until then advises readers to check out: McKenna’s Guides The 100 Best Restaurants in Ireland; Georgina Campbell’s Ireland for Food Lovers — Ireland’s Food Tourism Guide; and a lifesaver for those keen on tracking down venues retailing the finest of real Irish craft beers, Beoirfinder (rather curiously filed under ‘lifestyle’).


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