Top 8 choc ices tested

THE top of an ice-cream cone could be blown away in the wind we’ve had in the last few weeks, so a tidy choc ice is the safest option.

Ice-cream has been scientifically shown to have perfect proportions of fat and sugar to make it more-ish, even addictive. 

How often do you crave a second one?

High in calories, ice-cream is best kept as an occasional treat and then enjoyed to the full.

For this week’s survey, we found no shortage of temptation in the shops, with various thicknesses of chocolate coatings, textured and smooth.

At home we can make ice-cream using a classic custard as a base. 

Made with fresh egg yolks, sugar and cream, it’s deliciously rich and versatile. 

The simplest is a mixture of cream and fruit, buzzed together and put into shallow trays to freeze.

This makes it easy to break up, mix up and refreeze to lighten it and disperse ice crystals.

A handy tip is to use ice-cube trays. Push the frozen ice-cream out, into the liquidizer, buzz it and return to the freezer. 

If you catch it before it freezes solid, it’s easier to mix up. 

However, freezing ice-cream in small yoghurt pots will give a good result without ever having to mix it up. 

Just allow it to melt for about 10 minutes before serving — an ideal dessert for children.

It’s better than shop bought ice-cream which is too often full of additives to keep it evenly textured.

Marks & Spencer Dessert Menu 3 Belgian milk chocolate & cappuccino ice creams 300ml €4.29

Top 8 choc ices tested

The verdict from all tasters was delicious! A flavoursome, mild coffee flavour was a treat, contrasting with the rich chocolate coating . 

The taster who liked the plain HB choc ice thought this too heavy and over-chocolaty, but he was the only one. 

E476, E471 and E472b are emulsifiers and agents used to allow chocolate to set when water is added. 

Calories – 215

Score: 8.5

HB choc ice 6 pack 384g €3

Top 8 choc ices tested

A light ice-cream, less creamy and less chocolaty than other samples. 

‘Refreshing’ was the verdict — ideal for a hot summer when you are not expecting to make a meal of it. 

One thought it was the definitive choc ice. 

190 calories.

Score: 8

Tesco 4 Salted caramel dairy ice creams 400ml €2

Top 8 choc ices tested

These lollies have a salted caramel sauce filling wrapped in dairy ice cream and topped with a decent coating of milk chocolate flecked with caramel pieces. 

They had to be highly calorific, 227 as it turns out. 

Tasters didn’t care and all liked them, enjoying the contrast between sweet and salty.

Score: 7.5

Dunnes Stores Mini Selection 600ml €2.49

Top 8 choc ices tested

These 12 choc ices on a stick looked similar to the Lidl Gelatelli mini-mix for the same price, but were vastly superior. 

Some of the tasters even preferred them to the mini Magnums. 

The vanilla flavour was strong and the chocolate coatings were rich and not too sweet. 

130 calories.

Score: 8

Aldi Gianni’s Deluxe ice-creams 360ml €1.19

Top 8 choc ices tested

Good vanilla flavour here with 28% chocolate coating, which didn’t make an impact. 

What we expected of a plain and simple choc ice. 

A high 233 calories.

Score: 7

Tesco Magnum Minis 360ml €3

Top 8 choc ices tested

Six lollies were what we expected with a nice, hard chocolate and creamy ice cream inside. 

While tasters liked these, contrary to expectations, set against others, none made them their favourite. 

280 calories is higher than we expected for a mini version, so be sure not to be tempted to a second!

Score: 7

Cadbury Crunchie Blast 300ml €3.50

Top 8 choc ices tested

Three ice-creams flavoured with honeycomb are coated in milk chocolate sprinkled with popping candy to give it a crunch. 

At 23% sugars were not as high as we expected from the sweetness and Crunchie flavour, and tasters liked them. 

The chocolate was not very chocolaty and lacked depth of flavour, and the popping candy had no flavour. 

Not quite the chocolate hit that tasters expected.

Score: 5.5

Nestlé Maxibon 3 ice cream sandwiches Ice lollies 300ml €2.99

Top 8 choc ices tested

Half coated in chocolate flecked with hazelnuts, the chocolate taste was poor. 

The other half was sandwiched with biscuit which most tasters found too soft. 

One taster who likes Icebergers appreciated the texture. 

The ice-cream itself was bright white and flecked with chocolate, tasting of little. 

Overall not special.

Score: 4.5


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