Dedicating two minutes a day to nutritional health can make a big difference

Model and home-cook Roz Purcell can’t say enough in favour of the humble oat. It’s local, nutritious, cheap, natural and packed full of health benefits.

Model and author, Rozanna Purcell at the launch of Flahavan's Energy For Life in Just Two Minutes Campaign. Picture: Robbie Reynolds

“You just can’t say a bad thing about it.” 

She’s on a roll.

Little wonder, then, that the author of Natural Born Feeder has teamed up with Flahavan’s for ‘2 Minute Energy for Life’, a campaign designed to show that small changes can bring big results.

The message is simple. Wellbeing can be convenient. You don’t have to dedicate hours, or completely overhaul your life to feel better.

“It’s all about simple, doable steps,” Roz says, adding that dedicating two minutes in each day to nutritional health can make a big difference.

That’s something she makes a point of doing herself; sitting down for two minutes daily to plan what she’s going to eat. It’s an approach that has helped her to change her attitude to food. 

She no longer sees it as the calorific enemy but the fuel that gives her vitality and health.

She’s also a big proponent of the 80:20 rule; eat healthily and wisely 80% of the time and then enjoy a few more indulgent treats for the remaining 20%. 

Roz did just that on a recent holiday to Paris with boyfriend Zach Desmond. On the hitlist were macaroons and, of course, the famous croissant. 

She went all the way to the trendy St-Martin canal in the 10th arrondissement to sample the best the city had to offer.

The itinerary also included a trip to Paris’s porridge bar, Bol, which just goes to show that a place famous for its taste in good food is also a fan of the oat.

Porridge has always been a staple in the Purcell household and Roz has hers with almond milk, egg whites, topped with berries, cocoa nibs and bee pollen.

Roz’s two-minute tips

1. Planning your meals is key. Take two minutes every day to sit down and plan what you’re going to eat.

2. Drink more water, at least two litres a day. It’s so important to stay hydrated and your body will benefit so much from it.

3. Read food labels. It’s so important to know what’s in your food.

4. Have a piece of fruit instead of a chocolate bar.

5. Skip the takeaway and make your own fakeaway.

Porridge was also a family staple for mindfulness facilitator Suzanne Donohoe. She grew up in a house where it was the only available cereal and is happy to continue the tradition.

A fellow Flahavan ambassador, she extols the virtues of introducing mindfulness into the daily routine, particularly when eating.

Mindfulness, she explains, is looking to befriend your own mind.

She first realised the power of it on the hockey pitch when her mind was 100% focused on the game. 

“I liked the peace it gave me — it was a complete break from what was going on,” she says.

Mindfulness also has huge benefits when it comes to eating healthily.

“Have you ever glanced down into your bowl or plate and wondered where all the food went? And then you tell yourself, ‘I definitely didn’t eat that last biscuit’. Mindless eating can lead to overeating and weight-gain.”

Here are her two-minute meditations

1. Pause during your meal. Put down your fork and take a moment to ask yourself if you are full.

2. Once an hour, breathe in, breathe out. Focus on nothing but your breath for a few moments. It will help to clear your mind and make you better able to tackle any challenges that lie ahead.

3. While waiting for a file to download or a page to load, allow your hands to rest on your lap and adjust your posture.

4. Take two minutes each day to focus your attention on some of your daily activities such as brushing your teeth, washing the dishes, brushing your hair.

5. Ask yourself when in a challenging situation or with a difficult person these three questions: Can I control it? (Situation or person); Can I change it? (Situation or the person); Can I let it go? 

* You can win two places on the Flahavan’s Wellness Workshop and meet the ambassadors on May 13 by signing up at 


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