Here's how bulletproof or buttered coffee can seriously improve your health

CAN coffee make you bulletproof? Well, not exactly, but Dave Asprey, the man who pioneered bulletproof or buttered coffee, has thought about that question more than most.

Here's how bulletproof or buttered coffee can seriously improve your health

In fact, he’s been on a mission to make himself if not invincible, then as close to it as humanly possible.

The Silicon Valley technology entrepreneur has spent nearly two decades and $300,000 using every available technology to ‘bio-hack’, or upgrade, his own body so that it performs at peak with minimum effort.

But, he readily admits that ‘bio-hacking’ is the preserve of a crusading few.

According to the umbrella group DIYbio, there are about four thousand self-proclaimed ‘bio-hackers’ worldwide who draw on all areas of science — from biochemistry to medicine and meditation — in an attempt to “upgrade the human being”.

The process, claims Asprey, helped him lose 100 pounds, increase his IQ and lower his biological age, but he’s on this side of the Atlantic (in the UK) to explain why bulletproof coffee can seriously improve your health.

Bulletproof coffee — a specially blended coffee served with oil, grass-fed butter and medium-chain triglyceride oil — helps you to curb hunger, burn fat and lose weight, according to Asprey.

But butter and oil in coffee? (We’ve tried it here at Feelgood — the thought of it is worse than the taste and it does pack a serious punch).

Asprey says he got the idea while travelling in Tibet.

When he felt faint at altitude, he was given Tibetan tea with yak butter, which totally revived him.

He returned home inspired, and went about replicating the mountain elixir.

Bulletproof coffee was born.

Though it has its detractors — a single cup provides all of your recommended intake of fat — Asprey says science backs the move away from low-fat foods in favour of healthy fats, such as avocado and certain oils.

He’s big on healthy fats and says he never goes a full day without eating one or two meals full of healthy fats — usually a combination of avocados, grass-fed butter and upgraded octane oil — if he wants to feel his best.

Speaking of optimum health, good supplementation and good-quality sleep are also key, he says, encouraging people to try his Bulletproof diet along with the coffee.

Asprey has yet to visit Ireland — though he says he wants to and to pay a visit to Kerrygold! — but his concept of bulletproof coffee is already a big hit here.

You can order Asprey’s Bulletproof coffee online and a growing number of Irish cafes are making their own version of it.

Barista and Crossfit trainer Tony Divito says he has had an amazing response to ‘Cocobrew’, the version of bulletproof coffee he and partner Joanne Gibney have been selling through their mobile coffee business for over a year.

Divito first heard about bulletproof coffee five years ago while working in the food, health and fitness industry in Australia.

“I started putting coconut oil into my coffee in the morning to help me with my 4am starts and busy all-day training schedule.

"Straight away, I felt the amazing effects of this ‘coffee that is good for you’ and started to research further into it,” he says.

He trained as a barista and went on to develop his own blend, Cocobrew, which went on sale in Ireland a year ago.

It was very popular with athletes and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts.

“But that has changed remarkably in the last six months,” says Divito.

“Now, I have a diverse customer base, ranging from medics and healthcare professionals enduring long night shifts, people who have suffered from ill health, athletes looking to improve their performance, fashionistas who love coffee but not the zero calories associated with it, to students stressed-out with exams… the list is endless.”

So what exactly is Cocobrew coffee and what will it do for you?

Cocobrew blends MCT oil (said to improve cognitive function and boost the immune system), cacao butter (very high in antioxidants and minerals) and coffee beans to make a drink that claims to sharpen your mental focus, burn fat and give you long-lasting energy.

Sounds too good to be true? Try it for yourself and see.

The Cocobrew Café (@coco_brew9) will soon be opening in Temple Bar in Dublin.

Zen detox

IT’S a detox, but not as we know it.

Buddha Water, a sparkling drink made from organic birch sap, takes all the hard work out of detoxing.

All you have to do is drink it to get the benefits of birch sap, a so-called super ingredient that has been used as a detoxifying agent in Scandinavia for years.

The tree’s sap contains saponins, which can help lower cholesterol.

Sap also high in manganese, a mineral that plays a role in brain function and metabolism.

Buddha Water (€2.50) is available from selected SuperValu stores, health shops and online at

On the edge

MORE than 40 of the world’s top chefs will gather in Galway this autumn to speak at the second Food on the Edge symposium .

Italian chef Massimo Bottura, above, whose three-Michelin-starred restaurant in Modena Osteria Francescana was voted number one in the world, will join other leading chefs on October 24 and 25 to discuss the future of food for the planet.

Symposium director, JP McMahon said: “The event is not about elitism; it’s about inviting chefs from all over the world who, I feel, have something to say, be that three Michelin stars or chefs running street food trucks!”

Early bird tickets for the event are available until July 31 at


FANCY learning to bake with a master?

Then sign up to join an artisan baker from Le Pain Quotidien, who will host a baking masterclass to celebrate the arrival of the restaurant at Kildare Village late last year.

The masterclass, on Thursday, 21 July, between 6pm and 8pm, costs €60 and will focus on a Le Pain Quotidien classic, spelt scones.

Other specialties include raw chocolate vegan tart and roasted vegan fruit tart.

Whole earth

THE secret to staying in the whole of your health is to eat whole grains, a new study has found.

Research carried out at Harvard and published in the American Heart Association Journal found that eating whole grains, such as brown rice and oats, could prevent early death.

One 16g serving of whole grains can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer by up to 7%, while increasing the amount eaten to three servings a day (48g) can cut the risk of death, from any cause, by as much as 20%.

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