There is something fishy going on in Goatsbridge

Love Gourmet Week

The Menu’s longheld grá for Limerick has been ever-more cemented in recent years as tiny pockets of culinary resistance have expanded to become an outright popular uprising. Fuelled by a recognition of some of the superb regional produce — on show in the city’s outstanding Milk Market — and a commitment to putting it on menus, 10 of the region’s top restaurants are coming together for a reprise of last year’s immensely successful Love Gourmet Week, Jun 1-10. Special LGW menus, €35 pp, will be available, along with wine deals and cocktail specials. Irish Rail has a special LGW price of €14.99 one way between Dublin and Limerick for the duration, but The Menu would happily walk. Mind you, he would require extensive feeding after such an ordeal.

Dillon’s celebrate three years

One of The Menu’s favourite spots for a post-beach nibble and tipple down west lay fallow for a spell before John and Julie Finn came riding to the rescue. Almost overnight, they’ve turned Dillon’s, in Timoleague, into a food destination par excellence, earning Bridgestone Guide thumbs-up and a prestigious Michelin recommendation, and the approval of our own Jack Power. To celebrate their third birthday in situ Julie and John are offering a three-course special with a glass of their legendary elderflower fizz for a mere €30 every Sunday night in June!

Street Eats

While The Menu was once found talking to an actual bus stop and not a drop aboard him at the time, those of a less outgoing disposition may at times encounter difficulties getting to know their neighbours, particularly in urban areas. Which is why Streetfeast is one of the finer food-related ideas we have encountered in a while — very simply, a meal hosted by you and your neighbours in your street, in a local park or even a garden, everyone bringing a potluck dish. Jun 17 is Streetfeast day. To find out how to run your own, see

Delicious farm trout

Apparently the Russians loved Goatsbridge Farm Trout Caviar, despite trepidation abroad that the world’s foremost fans of the luxury salted fish roe product might be inclined to wrinkle a snout at the first Irish attempt. The Menu could have allayed any fears of Cossack condescension from the off because the Goatsbridge offering is nothing short of exquisite. Glistening golden-orange pearls, slide over the tongue like salted silk before yielding to the tooth with a delightful little ‘pop’. The Menu is inclined to pause a while, savouring the sumptuous piscine aftertaste before proceeding with another delicate wee spoonful. Popular wisdom decrees it should be consumed with brown bread, crème fraiche and a glass of bubbly. All well and good, says The Menu, but we will stick to the dark-locked-shed method with the rest of the clan sent on a wild goose chase to Buttevant or Borneo, or some such. What? You didn’t think The Menu would dream of sharing his precious trove?

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